About us

Here at Simply Soaps and Hedgerow Herbals, we keep our take on product development and retail simple. Our guarantee of 100% natural and wholly organic products covers each and every ingredient used and the whole of the manufacturing process.

While commonly used in standard soaps and cleansing products, the Simply Soaps range does not use any man-made or synthetic ingredients such as:

  • Phatalates
  • Parabens
  • Sodium lauryl sulphate
  • Sodium laureth sulphate
  • Formaldehyde

We only use 100% natural and botanical ingredients – we always have and always will. What’s more, our packaging is fully compostable and the ingredients are of course biodegradable.

Simply Soaps’ supplier of palm oil is a member of RSPO, Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil (http://www.rspo.org) which promotes the use and growth of sustainable palm oil.

As an ethical company, we can assure all our customers that we work closely with our suppliers and vet their environmental standards and practices thoroughly.  As palm oil is used in our soap making we will only use palm oil that is sustainable and ethically sourced.

Sustainable Business
Sustainable business is what we’re all about – we believe in its importance and are proud to follow its ethos. Quite simply, we do business in the best way we can. We take a holistic approach to our business; seeing it in the context of society, the environment and in economic terms. Sustainability is interwoven throughout our business practices and we consider the origin and final destination of everything we make and use.

The Environmental Dimension
Unlike most businesses, we pay as much attention to our impact on the environment as we do to our other areas of operation. Where there’s an opportunity to work in an environmentally sound manner, we’ll strive to do so. For example:

  • We use 100% natural ingredients to make our skincare products.  For mutual benefit for ourselves and for the environment, we limit the processing and manufacturing required to create our kind, gentle and nourishing products.
  • We use solar energy to make our products and heat our building, so like to think we are the greenest soap company on the planet!
  • Our range is made through a cold process, low energy manufacture method. This preserves the vital ingredients, thus not drying the skin and also reduces the amount of energy used by our green production process.
  • Low-energy manufacturing processes.

Supporting Organic and Local Agriculture
We’re proud to support local agriculture and do our very best to source locally when and where possible. We believe in the importance of putting back in the local community and follow a strict ethical code, which includes:

  • We use organic herbs and spices across our range. Organic agriculture has repeatedly been shown to encourage biodiversity well over and above conventional agricultural practice. It is less polluting and has been found to be environmentally more sustainable than conventional agricultural practice.
  • We ethically source as much as we can. Many of our suppliers are registered with the soil association, have fair trade affiliation and good equal opportunities policies. In this way we use our purchasing power to support initiatives which benefit us and the environment.
  • Our rapeseed oil is from local suppliers.

Simply Soaps strives to set new standards for both ethical operation and the highest quality products on the market – compromise is a word we’re proud to avoid.