Inside Out – Foods That Can Work Wonders for Skin Health

So it’s really no secret in this day and age that certain foods are better for you than others. From diabetes to heart disease to cancer and so on, most of us are very much aware of the kinds of foods we should and should not be eating to avoid quite hideous conditions.


But what about foods that do your skin a favour? Assuming your priority is that of improving your complexion and radiance, which kinds of foods should you be filling up on?


The truth is that the answer is very much yes – what you eat can and will make a huge difference to your skin. In fact, most dermatologists argue that what you eat (or don’t eat for that matter) will have even more impact on your skin than all the creams and serums money can buy.


So if you prefer the idea of looking after your skin from the inside out, here’s a quick rundown of just a few foods and ingredients that can work wonders for the skin:


Olive Oil


No surprises here, given that olive oil is generally considered to be one of the single healthiest ingredients on the face of the earth. A study carried out in 2012 found that an elevated intake of high quality olive oil leads to a reduction in the signs of aging by up to 31% over time.