The Undeniable Benefits of Organic Soap

Here’s a question – is standard soap you can pick up from any average store really such a bad thing?


The answer depends on your personal take on things, but if you’re genuinely interested in doing what’s best for your body, the answer is…maybe.  As for why, really all you have to do is pick up any standard soap bar, read the ingredients and consider how many of them you can understand…or even pronounce.  



Chances are that given the choice, you would not take a toxic, corrosive or potentially poisonous synthetic compound and smother it all over your skin. Nevertheless, there’s every chance this could be exactly what you’re doing when you use everyday skincare products, day in and day out. And while it’s not to say that you will necessarily come to serious harm by doing so…well, why take the risk when there is something so superior available?


Here is a quick rundown of five undeniable reasons why organic soap really does make a much better choice:


1 – 100% Natural Ingredients With No Harmful Chemicals


Parabens, Sodium Laureth Sulphate, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate…all the kinds of potentially harmful chemicals you will not find a single trace of in our organic soaps and skincare products. The simple fact of the matter is that if you have ever found that standard soap has the potential to leave your skin feeling dry, damaged or generally less wonderful than you’d like, chances are the answer lies in the list of ingredients.


2 – Care and Protection


Along with offering superbly effective cleansing, 100% organic soaps also promise the kind of care and protection that simply cannot be offered by a chemical-based alternative. We’ve always believed that Mother Nature knows best when it comes to giving your skin everything it needs and protecting it from everything it doesn’t. From dryness to redness to itchiness and right through to eczema, ultra-gentle organic soaps really can make an enormous difference when it comes to skin care and protection.


3 – Powerful Antioxidants


Another significant benefit of making the switch to organic soap is the way in which it can provide your skin with a rich dose of powerful antioxidants. It’s important to remember that the skin plays a critically important role in protecting the body from a wide variety of external nasties – look after your skin and it will look after you for a lifetime. Our 100% organic soaps are packed with the highest quality natural ingredients and extracts, adding up to a sizeable dose of pure perfection.


4 – Environmentally Friendly


It’s probably not something that most tend to think about, but the sheer volume of residues from soaps, skincare products, shampoos and so on that go down the drain every day in the UK is quite colossal to say the least. And given the fact that most conventional products are laced with chemicals that are toxic to both wildlife and humans alike, it’s hardly an ideal scenario. In the case of 100% organic products, anything that goes down the drain is likewise 100% organic in nature and considerably less harmful to the environment.


5 – The Wow Factor


Last but not least, we simply cannot emphasise highly enough the fact that once you have experienced the organic way of life for yourself, there really is no going back. Making the switch to something as simple as organic soaps can make such an enormous difference – one that you will see, feel and indeed smell right away. 


100% organic soaps are items of pure luxury – the fact that they do such a good job cleansing your skin is really just a bonus!