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Here at Simply Soaps, we’ve put our hearts and souls in the creation of a uniquely nourishing and nurturing range of all-natural, soaps for women. We’re firmly of the belief that it’s the little changes in life that can add up to the biggest difference – make the switch to our boundless bars of beauty and you’ll understand why!

Advantages in Abundance
Unsurprisingly, one of the questions we’re asked more than any other is that of “why” – as in why are our soaps better than standard, conventional soaps?

In short, it all comes down to the way in which soap is as a whole taken largely for granted. For most, it’s little more than a cheap bar of unknown content that removes dirt and leaves a pleasant fragrance behind – that’s pretty much it. In which case, what’s to gain from using 100% natural soaps for women as opposed to traditional soaps at rock-bottom prices?

  • Caring – Each and every soap across our women’s and men’s ranges alike has been crafted by hand using the traditional cold process method, to be as caring as possible for even the most sensitive of skin types. We use only the finest natural ingredients sourced from all over the world to create uniquely nourishing bars that do not dry your skin. So for a dose of all that’s good, you know what to buy!
  • Gentle – Many of the harsher ingredients that go into standard soap may be effective in cleaning your skin, but also strip the oils and nutrients needed for essential protection. By contrast, our soaps have been formulated to preserve the skin’s protective layer while at the same time cleansing effectively. Or in other words, it’s an all-in-one cleansing and caring product of genuine gentleness.
  • Nourishing – As we always say to new customers reaching out to us, you really won’t understand the difference our soaps can make until you try them out for yourself. Truly nourished and naturally nurtured skin doesn’t feel dry, tight or dull as is often the case after using standard soap. Instead, you’ll quickly feel a new sense of suppleness, marvellous moisture and a glorious glow you won’t believe has come from a simple soap switch!
  • Luxurious – Of course it’s not all about doing the right thing for your skin…it’s also about giving your heart, soul and mind a dose of pure luxury. We’ve created and fragranced our soaps with nothing but nature’s finest ingredients, 100% natural and meticulously blended by hand. The result is a bar of pure indulgence the likes of which is guaranteed to make daily cleansing an absolute pleasure on a scale you’ve probably never experienced.

All this from a bar of soap? It’s true, when it’s made by Simply Soaps!

Dry, Cracked Skin Banished
Here at Simply Soaps, we like to think we’re playing a solid role in the campaign to banish dry, cracked and problem skin from the lives of more women than ever before. For millions of women, dry skin represents a constant complaint the likes of which can be genuinely life-affecting. But while vast swathes of the population spend incalculable sums of money each year on new-generation creams, lotions and in some cases professional treatments, few realise the difference the right soap could make.

The number of chemicals, curious compounds and terrifying toxins conventional soaps contain these days really is astounding. And unless you know what each of these chemicals is, how it works and what kinds of risks it may pose, you have no idea what kind of damage you might be doing to your skin.

The way we see it, and have always seen it, there’s nothing more effective for 100% natural skin than 100% natural ingredients. As a woman is essentially a creation of nature, it just makes sense to give her skin a daily dose of nature’s goodness to keep it in the best condition possible. There’s little to gain from using overpriced skincare products only to then undo things with a harsh scrub using chemical-based soap – make the switch to Simply Soaps and the difference could be enormous.

Our Personal Touch
We know exactly what goes into every bar and in exactly what concentration and exactly what ingredient, which we know to be completely safe and natural. And more importantly, we know what doesn’t make it into any of our bars – anything that will dry, damage or irritate your skin, or in other words synthetic, artificial ingredients.

Our handmade natural soaps make the perfect gifts for women, or as a simple everyday luxury for anyone looking out for the health of their skin. You’ll fall in love with the essential oils used, swoon for the softness and generally marvel at the magnificence of every bar you take home – it’s a pretty weighty promise, but one we’re proud to make!

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