Shaving Soap

Here at Simply Soaps, we’re often asked for advice and guidance on the subject of shaving – particularly from our male customers. Having tried a variety of different products to no avail, so many men simply assume they’ve little choice but to accept shaving for the painful inconvenience it often tends to be.

If you’re a member of the above bracket, we strongly recommend trying out a bar of our exclusive Shaving Soap. As is the case with every other product across our range, we’ve extensively researched and pulled together a selection of the finest ingredients nature has to offer, in order to produce a nourishing and moisturising shaving product like none you’ve ever used before.

A Damaging Process

It’s really no secret that the process of shaving is one that’s not exactly in-keeping with healthy skincare habits. Shaving may be important for feeling clean, fresh and well-groomed, but with each stroke of the razor you’re quite literally scraping and stripping the skin’s surface of its essential moisture and nutrients. Cuts and abrasions are bad enough, but even where there’s no visible damage the razor is still having a detrimental effect on your skin.

When followed or preceded by the use of synthetic soaps, aftershaves and other standard skincare products, chances are you may in fact be making things worse. And when you consider that this process is repeated time and time again, day after day, it becomes painfully apparent that shaving can be more than just an inconvenience – it can wreak havoc with the health of your skin.

Synthetic Soaps and Shaving Products

While it may appear that all shaving creams and foams are essentially the same, they are in fact far from it. They may all provide an essential amount of lubrication, but in terms of what actually goes into the product itself, chances are you might not want to know the truth. More often than not, shaving products are loaded with synthetic substances and chemicals the likes of which you’d probably prefer to keep away from – let alone rub them all over your face and neck.

Incredibly, the same is also true for the vast majority of standard soap bars and cleansing products. The simple fact of the matter is that if they do not say they’re 100% organic, chances are they’re comprised largely of damaging and in some instances downright dangerous chemicals that are guaranteed to harm your skin, day after day.

The Solution

Shy of growing a beard, the only realistic solution when it comes to reducing the damage caused by shaving is to step up your skincare regime with the kindest and most appropriate products. Lubrication is of course of the utmost importance, but at the same time so too is ensuring that the essential nutrients and moisture stripped from the skin while shaving are replaced with the help of high-quality, all-natural and 100% organic skincare products.

Simply Soaps’ skincare products.

Our extraordinary Shaving Soap is the result of many years of research and testing, utilising only the finest 100% organic ingredients. Not only does our Shaving Soap provide optimum lubrication for a clean, smooth and comfortable shave, but it also features an array of premium natural ingredients to keep the skin moisturised and smelling fantastic.

It also couldn’t be easier to use – simply work the bar into your hands in the normal way and massage it into the areas to be shaved. It’s then just a case of shaving as normal, not forgetting to use a premium 100% organic aftershave balm or moisturiser to create that all-important protective layer to minimise damage.

Best of all, our Shaving Soapcan also be used in the same way as standard soap all over the body, leaving behind the same wonderfully nourishing and moisturising effects. And while it’s a product that’s understandably a hit with men, it’s also perfectly suitable for women and can be used for head to toe shaving. It’s essentially a soap that replaces your standard cleansing bar and your shaving product all in one – incredible value for money.

The Organic Difference

Here at Simply Soaps, we believe that products like our Shaving Soap perfectly encapsulate and illustrate the difference between choosing standard synthetic products and those that are 100% organic. Not only is it a delight to use, but even after no more than a couple of shaves you’ll see and feel the most astonishing difference in your skin’s health and appearance. As part of a 100% organic everyday skincare regime, it’s amazing how one small bar can add up to so much benefit.

And of course, our organic shaving products make wonderful gifts for all occasions – especially for the man in your life who might not be quite so inclined to splash out on such treats himself!

Check out the rest of the Simply Soaps range, or give our dedicated service team a call today.

Shaving Soap

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