Proudly Hand Crafted

Here at Simply Soaps, we’re incredibly proud of not only the products we sell, but how each and every product across our range comes to be. We’re firm believers in the importance of wholly organic processes and ingredients across the board, but at the same time we much prefer to get hands-on with the creation of our products rather than allowing machines to do all the work.

That’s why every single soap you’ll see across our range is wholly hand-crafted by our expert soap-makers right here in the UK. Taking the manual approach to soap-making may be something of a dying art across Britain, but if you ask us it’s exactly the kind of thing that brings more than enough rewards to justify the efforts.

100% Unique Products

One of the things we absolutely love about hand-crafted soap is the way in which no two products will ever be identical. Instead, every soap is slightly different in appearance and while so many brands insist on uniform consistency, we much prefer to inject a little variety and diversity into the equation. Each of our organic soap bars has its own unique charms as is a genuine one-of-a-kind creation, so when it comes to buying that perfect gift that’s unlike any other, you simply cannot go wrong.

We guarantee the same quality, performance and value for money across the board, but also at the same time assure you of no two products ever being identical. Simply Soaps believes in originality and the production of unique treasures that go against the grain of standard mass-production – we’re pretty sure you’ll notice and appreciate the difference in an instant.

People Power

There’s also another very good reason why we favour the hands-one approach – why give these kinds of jobs to machines when there are so many talented people out there that can do a far better job? Across the board, we do our very best to keep each step of the manufacturing process very much manual and hands-on, meaning we’ll never use any machinery we don’t absolutely have to. Not only does this approach ensure that those with genuine passion and talent are allowed to put their skills to good use, but it also helps minimise our impact on the environment.

For each machine replaced by a skilled craftsman, it’s one less machine requiring one power source or another and thus an immediately reduced impact on the environment. We’d never try and pretend we’d be able to get by 100% without machinery and gadgets, but when and where there’s the opportunity to use a real person instead of a robot, you can rest assured Simply Soaps will make the very most of it.

Comprehensive Control

What’s also great about the hands-on approach to organic soap manufacture is the way in which it allows us to keep a close and consistent eye on every product from start to finish. When you allow a machine to do much of the work, you never truly know what might have found its way into the mix along the way. By contrast, craft each and every soap you manufacture by hand and you’re granted a unique insight into every step of the process from beginning to end, which in turn translates to full confidence that you know exactly what goes in and what doesn’t.

The whole point of 100% organic soaps is of course to create wonderfully kind, caring and gentle cleansing bars that do not contain even the slightest trace of anything that could prove potentially harmful. We believe that this is only possible if you put your heart and soul into every step of the manufacturing process and are willing to take a hands-on approach when and where possible – exactly how Simply Soaps approaches every job.

A Labour of Love

Aside from all the measurable benefits that come with handmade soap however, what’s more important of all to us at Simply Soaps is the way in which each and every one of our products is a genuine labour of love. We don’t hand-make our soaps just for the sake of it or because we feel we have to – we do it because it’s our passion and is something we genuinely believe in. When you are absolutely committed to what you do, it’s natural that you’ll want to put your heart and soul into it every step of the way.

That’s what makes the difference with the organic skincare products from Simply Soaps – the pride with which we put our name to every single product across the board. Each soap we sell is a labour of love that carries so much more thought and meaning than a conventional store-bought bar, while at the same time giving you that well-deserved dose of luxury you simply wouldn’t get from anything else.

Proudly hand-crafted 100% of the time – the Simply Soaps guarantee.

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