Organic Shampoo

Here at Simply Soaps, one of the questions we’re asked most often of all is that of how to combat dry, itchy and flaky scalps paired with dry, lifeless hair. It’s an extraordinarily common problem that affects millions of men, women and children alike up and down the UK. You seem to have tried every product on the shelves, you’ve splashed out on a fair few medicated treatments and you’ve adjusted your cleansing and beauty regime in a thousand different ways – all to no avail.

So what’s the solution? Simply accept that you’re stuck with a dry and itchy scalp for life? Continue piling chemicals onto your hair until something works?

We think there’s a better way – try our 100% Organic Shampoo and find out just how helpful the touch of Mother Nature can be.

The Root of the Problem

Of course, there are hundreds of possible explanations as to why you may be suffering from a dry and itchy scalp – some of which are more difficult to treat than others. However, in so many instances the root of the problem is in fact so much simpler than those affected may realise – there’s a strong chance it’s their efforts and intentions that are actually making things even worse.

The simple fact of the matter is that every time you use a product that contains harmful ingredients and synthetic compounds, it does damage to your hair. Worse still, each time you leave such products on your hair for hours on end – even in the form of simple post-cleansing residue – you do the health of your hair and your scalp an even bigger disservice. Those big-brand shampoos and conditioners might tell you that they’re loaded with all the finest ingredients on Earth, but chances are if you take a look at how much of these ingredients go into each bottle…well, let’s just say it isn’t much.

Harmful Hair-Care

Why are most shampoos and hair-care products loaded with chemicals? It’s simple really – they’re a heck of a lot cheaper than organic ingredients. That’s why they take maybe a few dashes of something healthy, only to then bulk it out with the kinds of chemicals and compounds you probably wouldn’t go near if you were presented with them in their raw forms.

So really, the fact that they’re making your hair unhealthy day in and day out should come as no surprise.

Add into the mix the everyday styling products and hair utensils you may be using and you have yourself the perfect recipe for damaged and unhealthy hair. There’s really on so much punishment anyone’s hair can take before signs of long-term damage begin showing through – precisely the reason why it’s so important to put something back into your hair from time to time.

The Organic Difference

What makes our

Organic Shampoo so different is the way in which every single ingredient across the board is exactly that – 100% organic. From the moment each ingredient was planted right through to harvest and eventual processing, not a single trace of anything synthetic is allowed to creep into the equation at any point. As such, what you’re left with is a bottle of shampoo that goes far beyond the realms of anything you’ve ever seen carrying the ‘natural’ badge before – it’s 100% organic, through and through.

In terms of what this means for you and your hair, it’s essentially the exact opposite of the above-mentioned synthetic story. As you hair is 100% natural, it stands to reason that it will respond better to 100% natural products…and it does. With our shampoos, you hair and scalp are not only cleansed beautifully, but enriched with a huge dose of nutrients and moisture the likes of which make an immediate and lasting difference. It leaves no harmful residue behind, takes away none of the good stuff your hair needs and manages to do all of this while treating you to a genuinely dreamy explosion of fragrance.

Our organic shampoos are not only a pleasure to use, they’re also fabulous for the health of your hair and scalp.

Making the Switch

We always say that just as soon as you’ve made the switch to the organic way of life, there’s really no going back. Our organic shampoos are the perfect products to give you and your family a welcome introduction to the organic difference – affordable, long-lasting and an absolute delight to use. Even for those with sensitive skin types or problematic hair, it’s often amazing how big of a difference a few all natural ingredients can make.

We’d also highly recommend checking out the rest of our organic skincare products too, in order to bring your skin the same sizeable dose of moisture and nourishment day in and day out.

Give our team a call today to discuss your order, or with any questions you may have.

Organic Shampoo

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