Made In The United Kingdom

Here at Simply Soaps, we have a genuine and long-standing belief in the importance of supporting British industry and keeping and doing what’s right for the UK’s economy. That’s why we’re proud to say that each and every one of our products across the board is made with pride right here in the UK. From the handmade soaps we craft ourselves right through to the biodegradable packaging, everything is sourced from UK suppliers and manufactured right here on domestic soil.

It’s been almost 20 years since we first went into business and we’ve remained true to our founding beliefs since the very first day. When and where there’s an opportunity to put something back into the British industry, you can rest assured Simply Soaps will take it. We don’t believe in outsourcing jobs to the cheapest bidder just to save money and nor are we willing to cut corners by choosing lower-grade products. We’re extremely meticulous when it comes to the manufacturing process of every item we sell – all of which always have been and always will be made in the United Kingdom.

Supporting the Economy

Over recent years, ease of access to a world of incredibly cheap and readily-available products and ingredients has led to more businesses than ever before scouring the world for the biggest and best money savings they can find. Unfortunately, this has led to not only a marked reduction in the general quality of products being sold up and down the UK today, but also an unfortunate dent in the British industry which is often overlooked or ignored.

Here at Simply Soaps our ethos is simple – why look overseas for anything that’s already available right here in the UK? And not just available but of superior quality too – why take the risk of inferior products when it simply isn’t necessary? The way we see it, it’s up to businesses like us to play a role in keeping so many UK industries alive and kicking – a role and responsibility we take very seriously.

100% Organic, 100% of the Time

By taking such strict control of our manufacturing processes from beginning to end, Simply Soaps is able to offer the rare guarantee of 100% organic skincare products, 100% of the time. It’s not enough to source organic ingredients and then just ‘assume’ that the manufacturing process was also organic – we insist on taking a hands-on role in the manufacture of our lines. We’re proud to say that each and every one of our organic soaps has been hand-crafted by our very own team of passionate experts, which in turn allows us to consistently and comprehensively control what goes in during every step of the process.

Quite simply if it isn’t 100% organic, it doesn’t get anywhere near our products. This is the kind of promise that simply cannot be made by any business outsourcing the manufacturing of its products to third parties outside the UK, who often don’t follow quite the same strict rules as we do.

Our Work, Our Passion

What really sets the Simply Soaps brand apart from any other on the market right now is the way in which 100% organic skincare products aren’t just our work, they’re also our passion. Nothing delights us more than hearing the positive feedback of our customers who often tell us that after experiencing the difference first-hand, they’d never even dream of going back to their standard store-bought soaps again. This is music to our ears and justifies the hard work we put into every one of our hand-made products – each of which carries our unique Simply Soaps seal of approval.

Far from a fad or fancy that only recently crossed our minds, we’ve been in the organic skincare products business for close to two decades now and have remained true to our founding promises every single day along the way. Our commitment to quality, value for money and total customer care means just as much to us today as it did on day one. Over the years, we’ve honed and refined both our skills and our product ranges in accordance with the feedback and requests of our customers. Our doors and ears are always open to new suggestions and recommendations, so we’d love to hear from you at any time with your thoughts.

Gorgeous Gifts

As thoughtful gift offerings, we just cannot recommend our organic skincare products highly enough. There are still so many that are yet to experience the organic way of life for themselves and thus gain a real insight into the incredible difference. So for that next special occasion, why not convert that special someone with something as simple as a bar of 100% organic soap from Simply Soaps?

A gorgeous gift you’ll also be proud to say was made right here in the UK!

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