Locally Sourced Ingredients

Here at Simply Soaps, we believe there’s so much more to fair and responsible retail than stocking 100% certified organic skincare products. Organic does of course matter to us, but at the same time we’re uniquely committed to ensuring we only ever source our products from local suppliers when and where possible, in order to put as much back into the community as we possibly can.

We firmly believe that if there’s anything you can get hold of in your own locality, there’s nothing to gain from scouring the world far and wide for the same. Recent years have seen more business diverted to the Far East than ever before, driving long-standing and important UK companies wholly out of business due to the explosive competition. And while it may sometimes be more cost-effective to outsource globally, Simply Soaps believes there’s more to life than cutting costs by cutting corners.

100% Organic, 100% Responsible

By keeping the list of ingredients that go into our organic handmade soaps and skincare products as simple as possible, we limit how far we have to look for the very best suppliers in the business. When and where there’s a local supplier able to provide what we need, we refuse to give so much as a second thought to the idea of looking any further afield. We believe it’s up to the UK businesses like us to help other UK businesses continue doing what they do best, as opposed to siding instinctively with the cheapest bidder on a global basis.

What’s also great about keeping things local is the way in which it gives us total control over what goes into our products and how they are manufactured. Unlike most, we’re able to physically watch over the production and supply of every ingredient that goes into every one of our products across the board, meaning that we know exactly what does and does not make it into the mix. This is crucially important for anyone looking to sell organic products as unless you can confidently say that there isn’t a single trace of anything synthetic in the final product, you cannot rightly call it 100% organic.

Here at Simply Soaps, we say our products are 100% organic because we know they are 100% organic.

Hand Made in the UK

Along with ensuring we source all of our ingredients from local suppliers when and where possible, we’re also enormously proud to say that every Simply Soaps product is manufactured right here in the UK. This again comes down to not only putting something back into British industry, but also allowing us to keep a careful watch over every step of the manufacturing process in order to confidently label each of our products 100% organic.

When outsourcing product manufacture to international providers, there’s simply no way of fully knowing what happens during the process itself and so to call any such product 100% organic may not in fact be accurate. What’s more, we not only insist on keeping the manufacturing process as a whole on UK soil, but also take enormous pride in hand-crafting each of our soaps in the timeless, traditional way. Once again, we don’t believe there’s anything better than the human touch when it comes to creating products of genuine brilliance, which is why we’ll never use a machine to do any job a real person could do.

It helps reduce the impact on the environment, creates jobs for the local community and ensures that each and every organic soap we produce is a 100% unique work of art – a small price to pay for getting hands-on with the manufacturing process.

Brilliant Benefits

We’re often asked what it is that makes organic products so special when it comes to skincare. After all, the majority of buyers don’t think twice about buying non-organic items, so what’s the difference with the Simply Soaps range?

Aside from the various ethical arguments for organic products listed above, it’s important to remember that the primary purpose of these products is to look after and care for your skin. Your skin is 100% natural, therefore it simply makes sense that the kindest products to skin are those that are 100% organic. By using the finest ingredients hand-selected by us, we’re able to offer a range of products that are uniquely gentle on the skin and hypo-allergenic across the board. For those with skin sensitivities, allergies or any kinds of skin troubles across the board, the luxurious softness of our 100% organic products range is simply impossible to rival.

We’d love to hear from you at any time with your questions on any of our skincare products, or your suggestions on how we can improve our customer service. Take a minute or two to browse our range in full, or give the Simply Soaps team a call today for more information.

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