Liquid Soap

Over recent years, liquid soap has become an everyday staple for pretty much every household up and down the UK. A standard feature in most bathrooms and kitchens, liquid soap makes both hand and face cleansing as simple and convenient as possible. But while the vast majority of liquid soaps on the market may be highly effective when it comes to cleansing, the same cannot necessarily be said on the subject of caring for skin.

As is the case with most conventional soaps, liquid soap tends to be manufactured with one goal in mind – to cleanse hands thoroughly and minimise costs. It’s hardly a secret that so many hand soaps on the market these days can be picked up for literally pennies and there are thousands of different types, brands and colours/fragrances to choose from. Which is all well and good for convenience and affordability, but in creating products specifically for cleansing and keeping costs down, manufacturers also create liquid soaps that are in no way kind to your skin.

Misleading Marketing

In some cases, it’s hard not to be won over by promises of ‘one quarter moisturising cream’ or ‘packed with natural ingredients’ as this kind of marketing makes you think you’re doing your skin a favour. In reality however this rarely turns out to be the case as while they may as promised feature such ingredients, they’re almost always augmented by the rest of the chemicals and synthetic compounds that find their way into the respective formulas.

Think of it this way – you wouldn’t be inclined to dip your hands into a bowl of chemicals and nor would it make any difference if you were to add a dollop of moisturiser to the mix. In the case of so many liquid soaps that claim to feature natural ingredients, a quick look at the label often clarifies how less than 1% of what actually goes into the product is natural – the rest being anything but. So while those making these kinds of products aren’t technically telling any lies, the marketing they use is more than a little misleading.

The Organic Difference

In terms of what makes the difference, here at Simply Soaps we only create and sell 100% organic products with 100% organic ingredients. This in turn means that not a single trace of anything synthetic is able to creep into the equation at any step in the process, resulting in hand soaps and liquid soaps that are completely and totally natural through and through. We don’t just add a few natural ingredients to make our products sound good – natural and 100% organic ingredients are all we use from start to finish.

Liquid Soap

As for why this matters, it all comes down to the way in which your body, just like our products, is 100% organic. When you use any kind of product on your body that contains chemicals and toxins, you effectively go against its natural processes and trigger a reaction. So while chemical-laden liquid soaps may be good at getting rid of the dirt, the damage they can cause to your skin both short and long-term is worrying to say the least. Even if they do promise that there’s some moisturising cream in there, chances are it isn’t going to make up for the damage done by the chemicals that make up about 75% of the whole product’s formula.

With a quality organic soap, not only are the strong and effective cleansing properties replicated perfectly, but the organic ingredients used are supremely kind and caring to the skin. Whereas regular use of standard soaps can dry, damage and irritate skin, organic soaps have been proven to soften, rejuvenate and generally benefit the health of the skin each time they’re used. And of course, the fact that organic soaps are uniquely luxurious and joyous to use serves as quite the added bonus.

A Simple Switch

It’s not until you make the switch to the organic way of life that you’ll really understand just how big a difference this small change can make. After one use, skin feels less tight, more moisturised and better cared for than it would after any conventional soap. Over time, the effect builds toward a truly incredible result that would be impossible to accomplish without wholly natural and wonderfully caring cleaning products.

Here at Simply Soaps, we apply the same philosophy and commitment to organic ingredients to every product across our entire catalogue. You won’t find a single synthetic ingredient or chemical finding its way into anything we sell, which in turn guarantees you a wholly higher standard of skincare and protection. So whether looking for that perfect gift or simply out to treat yourself to a well-deserved indulgence, we guarantee you’ll be converted for life after giving Simply Soaps a try for the first time.

For more information on what’s on offer or to discuss organic skincare in general, give the Simply Soaps team a call today.

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