Handmade Soap

Simply Soaps has been more than a little obsessed with the organic way of life for quite a number of years now – an obsession we’re delighted to see is spreading up and down the UK. Once considered little more than an overpriced ‘badge of honour’ to enable premium prices to be justified, more people across Great Britain than ever before are now demanding that the products they buy and the ingredients therein are 100% organic, 100% of the time.

This is of course right up our street as every single ingredient that goes into every last one of our products is guaranteed 100% organic across the board. However, we’re also proud to say that we take things one almighty step further when it comes to the manufacturing process – our soaps aren’t only 100% organic, they’re also 100% handmade.

A Hands-On Approach

Here at Simply Soaps, we’ve been following the same cold-process soap manufacturing techniques ever since we first went into business. One of the oldest and most globally popular methods of soap production, we prefer this hands-on approach to the more common modern alternative of having machines do all the hard work.

Of course, we’re often asked to explain exactly why it matters that we hand-make each and every one of our soaps from scratch. After all, there are plenty of machines out there that could take care of things, so why do we choose to make life harder for ourselves and favour DIY soap-making?

Well, the simple answer is we prefer hands-on soap-making for the following three reasons:

1. An Organic Guarantee – First of all, if you were to use a machine of any kind to take care of any part of the production process, how could you offer an absolute guarantee that the resulting product was literally 100% organic? The simple fact of the matter here is that when you use machinery, there’s always the chance that something could creep its way into the mix somewhere and at some time during the process, leaving you with a product that’s mostly organic but cannot be labelled as 100% organic…at least not fairly, anyway. So by making soaps by hand, we’re able to monitor and control every step of the process to keep things 100% organic.

2. Eco-Friendliness – Next up, there’s the all-important question of why it makes sense to use heavy machinery that gobbles up electricity and gives off harmful emissions, when it’s just as easy…if not even easier…to have a human being do the job instead? Of course it’s not like human beings don’t pollute, but you cannot realistically compare the carbon footprint of an industrial-scale soap-making machine to that of a human worker. And not only do we like to stay eco-friendly, we’re also far more inclined to employ real people than robots.

3. Unique Results – Last but not least, there will always be those brands and manufacturers who are obsessed with making every single product they produce look exactly the same from top to bottom. Here at Simply Soaps however, we prefer to do things the opposite way – Handmade Soap means a wholly unique, one-of-a-kind result every time. We just think it’s better this way – especially when it comes to buying these products as gifts for others. After all, it’s not every day you get the opportunity to buy a unique, one-off, never-to-be-repeated creation for so little!

Committed to Kindness and Caring

We make all of our Handmade Soaps in the United Kingdom and are proud to do all we can to put something back into the location and national communities alike. As our fans and followers know, nothing matters more to us than quality which in the case of organic soaps and skincare products translates as incredible kindness and caring for our customers.

What makes our unique range of UK handmade soaps so different from any other on the market is that way in which we focus not only on cleansing, but also caring for your skin. And we don’t just mean a token nod to kindness either with a dash of moisturiser – every single ingredient that goes into every one of our products is both 100% organic and has been hand-selected by us. We’ve been doing what we do for long enough to try and test thousands of different combinations of ingredients – you can trust us when we say our recipes today are absolute winners!

Suitable for all skin types and perfect for the whole family, you’ll see and feel a difference from the very first use. Combine our organic soaps with one or two products from our organic hair-care range for an amazing head to toe transformation you simply will not believe. And while it’s always wonderful to pick up a selection of sublimely luxurious organic products for yourself, it feels even better to give a few away as gifts!

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Handmade Soap

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