Rosa facial serum in 30ml bottle

Rosa Passionata serum

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If you’re looking for a gorgeously gentle yet effective facial serum that makes the very best of the natural properties of roses, they really don’t come much better than this! Rosa Passionata Nourishing Facial Serum contains a generous dose of pure rose oil, which contains an astonishing 4kg or rose petals in every drop! The result is a preparation that is not only incredibly effective, but provides skin with an extraordinary dose of nature’s goodness!

Suitable for use with problematic skin and skin that’s prone to eczema, the addition of passionfruit seed oil helps soothe the skin and prevent inflammation. We believe it’s always a good idea to rely on Mother Nature when it comes to both skin care and battling the signs of aging – this incredible Rosa Passionata Nourishing Facial Serum does both in a big way!

The Scientific Bit - Natural liposoluble vitamin A, E(an anti-oxidant) and aromatic glycoside flavonoids which are oxygenated heterocyclic compounds and sterols which act as powerful free radical scavengers and anti-oxidants. • Four tocopherols and a range of phytosterols, with UV- protection properties, and triterpenic alcohols make this a highly active ingredient. Alpha tocopherol (a type of Vitamin E) is the most biologically active of the four tocopherols.

Ingredients- passiflora edulis, passiflora incarnata (maracuja seed oils) rosa centiflora (rose otto essential oil)

natural, plastic free, not on the high street, made in the UK, cruelty free, vegan