Established In 1997

Here at Simply Soaps, we believe there’s only so far good intentions and hard work can take you without essential experience. When we first went into business in 1997, we had little more than a vision of a superior organic skincare brand which would over time grow into one of the UK’s leading names. Almost two decades down the line, Simply Soaps has become a genuine market-leader with an array of outstanding quality 100% organic skincare products, which across the board represent the culmination of nearly 20 years of hard work and research. We never claim to have got everything right across the board all of the time, but by listening to the feedback of our customers and remaining committed to quality at all times, the Simply Soaps of today is a brand we genuinely could not be prouder of.

Established In 1997

Organic Ethos

Simply Soaps was established not to capitalise on the UK’s love for organic products, but to offer a range of vastly superior organic products of a wholly higher calibre. Over recent years, it’s become commonplace for many vendors to list their products as organic when they are in fact anything but, while other deliberately mislead the public into believing that organic and natural mean the same thing. In reality this isn’t the case at all as while it’s always reassuring to hear of a product made with 100% natural ingredients, it may have been exposed to all manner of synthetic chemicals and toxins during the production process.

100% organic on the other hand means that every single ingredient and process from beginning to end is 100% organic and natural, with nothing artificial or synthetic creeping into the equation. This results in a final product that contains nothing but nature’s finest and offers the unique promise of being incredibly kind and caring for your skin. Simply Soaps has been following a strict organic ethos from the very first day we went into business and we believe just as strongly in the importance of organic today. In a world that’s dominated by mass-produced soaps and skincare products made with a frightening array of dangerous toxins, it’s never been more important to choose proactively and do your skin the favour it deserves.

This is why Simply Soaps went into business and the reason we remain in business today.

Two Decades of Refinement

Having been in the industry for so long, we’ve been able to hone and refine what we do into a fine art. We don’t just claim to know and understand what it means to be organic, we practically wrote the book on organic skincare. We’ve invested an incredible amount of time and effort over the years in researching and developing a wide variety of organic products, of which only a select few ever make it to our permanent collection. Not only do we insist on products that we ourselves are 100% happy to put our name to, but we never list an item that hasn’t won the support, backing and praise of our customers. Nothing matters more to us than the honest feedback of those we serve as this is the information and guidance upon which the entire Simply Soaps brand is based.

This is exactly why today, even after two decades, our range of products is comparatively small…though we prefer to say ‘select’. The way we see it, there’s really no point in offering hundreds of different lines that are all no better than average in quality – it’s far better to concentrate on a few specific lines and make sure that they are both superior and flawless in every way. Simply Soaps will never add a new skincare product just for the sake of bulking out our range – everything you see today represents two decades of hard work and refinement.

Hand-Crafted For You

While most of the industry has turned to heavy machinery to allow for mass-output of millions of products on a daily basis, we prefer to take a different approach. Here at Simply Soaps, our 100% organic soaps are handmade by us personally using timeless and traditional crafting techniques. Not only do we believe that putting the personal touch into everything we do is of supreme importance, but it’s only by crafting our products by hand that we’re able to take complete and total control over what goes in and what’s kept out.

100% organic skincare means not just using organic ingredients, but also a fully organic manufacturing process. That’s why we prefer taking a manual approach to our soap-making just as we did the very first day we went into business  - we’d much rather put out a few flawless soaps every day than a thousand substandard bars.

For an obligation-free chat on the benefits of organic skincare and how Simply Soaps could work for you, give the team a call today.

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