The Shocking Truth About Some Commercial Skincare Products

Research suggests that the average adult uses approximately 10 different skin care products for a variety of purposes on a regular basis. From soaps to hand creams to facial moisturisers and so on, our skin is exposed to an extraordinary array of products during the average lifetime. But what so many fail to take into account is that while the skin represents the body’s most important barrier, it also acts like something of a sponge when it comes to the products we expose it to. And given the fact that studies have shown that we regularly expose our skin to somewhere in the region of 130 different chemicals, the importance of being proactive and thoughtful when it comes to the products we use really cannot be overstated.


Time Will Tell


In order for any given skincare product to be released commercially, it needs to be granted full permission from the relevant authorities. Which in turn would give you the impression that everything currently available on the market is in fact safe to use. In truth however, so many of the compounds and chemicals being used these days are so new that nobody really knows exactly how safe they are to use long-term. 


Not only this, but many of the ingredients used in standard skincare products are known to be extraordinarily dangerous, though are approved for use because they are used in relatively low concentrations.  Nevertheless, the fact that what you’re actually looking at is a list of chemicals that have been linked with everything from infertility to increased cancer risk to birth defects and so on doesn’t exactly make for reassuring reading. It’s not to say that using a standard bar of soap is inherently dangerous, but the fact that it contains even traces of ingredients that have the potential to be dangerous doesn’t inspire confidence.


Worse still, research has shown that much of the harmful effects of using synthetic skincare products do not show up on the outside, but rather on the inside as their residues are inhaled during use.


Why Take the Risk?


The way we see it, even if the risks associated with using synthetic skincare products are slight, they are still unnecessary risks that nobody really needs to take. The reason being that not only is there a viable and accessible alternative in the form of organic skincare products, but all-natural skincare products have never been more effective or affordable.


Here at Simply Soaps, we are committed to creating only the finest organic skincare products that are comprehensively cost-effective and nothing short of luxurious. We eliminate absolutely everything synthetic from the equation and select only the finest ingredients we can trace right back to the moment they were sourced. This way, you know exactly what you are putting on your skin. Read the list of ingredients on your average bar of soap and try saying the same.


For information on the benefits of organic skincare or to discuss any of our products, get in touch with the Simply Soaps team today.