Cusomer Comments

I must say I am impressed with the service which has been very efficient. The products arrived safely the next day and they’re gorgeous so fingers crossed they’ll sell well. Sally Aroma Candles.

Good morning Jim, I am stunned - I received my order this morning and want to thank you for an incredible customer service! The products look fantastic and are already sorted into gift sets. I just have to sell them now... Once again, many thanks and I shall definitely be re-ordering. Susie

I shall certainly be buying your products again, and recommending them to others. R Jones.

"I just want to say that I truly love your product, it is british, it is so specially wrapped and most importantly... I have just used your gorgeous soap in the bath and I am very proud to have stumbled across your brand. - Tee Foley -

"The Rejuvenating cream is absolutely gorgeous - nearly as good as the Lavender cream which I already have. Your products restore my faith in the word "natural"! And thankyou too for the little soap sample." " - Marguerite Gold

"I Use you Calendula & Lavender Soap every day, I love it!" - Elizabeth Galloway

"Thank you - I'd just like to say I was really impressed with how easy it was to use your ordering service and the confirmation of order etc too!" - Alison Griffin

"Hi there, Thanks v much for sending my order so promptly, the night cream is very nice!" - Liz Galloway

"Dear Martha, I was delighted when I found I had won a soap in your competition in newconsumer and even more so as we are using the lavender and rosemary soap - it is delicious! I don't think I've ever had such a richly-scented aromatic soap before - and it is very smooth as creamy. Thanks again. I will look at the website for my next bar..." - Sarah Denly Ball

"My mom bought me a simply soaps rose and geranium soap bar the other day and it has been the best product I have ever used on my face. I have spent absolutely loads on skincare in the past, as I am a teenager and get spots on ocassion and also blackheads around my nose so i need something that really works. After using your soap for around 4 days I have already noticed a major change in my skin - the pores are tighter, any marks on the surface have disappeared, I have no dry patches(i suffer from very light eczema) and it is a pleasure to wash my face. Thankyou so much for your beautiful smelling, wonderful soaps and i hope to buy again very soon." Regards - Lydia Price

"Hello there, Basically I just had to let you know that I ordered from you for the first time the other day, and I'm an extremely pleased customer! I have had severe atopic eczema for over 17yrs now (most of my life considering I turn 19 this year!) And I have had such a problem trying all different products throughout my life! It's very wreched!! My point: I chose to try one of your lip salves (the lime flavoured one actually :op) and it absolutely sorted my lips out in one day! I swear! I've always had a problem with lip products (balms/salves especially!!) - I almost didn't give it much of a chance because due to my skin type and what it tends to accept or not, the salve was quite oily, and I hate oily things with my problematic skin, but I gave it a chance, and it seriously healed my lips in a day. I kept putting it on all day, but I thought it had helped after the second time I applied it! (sorry to go on, but its a huge releif and miracle for my awful skin!!) To prove my point further... my partner Joe had dry lips today, so I put some on him and he needed none again (as he doesn't have problematic skin) He was ever so pleased, as it only took one application for him! I also ordered a 'bag of bits' - absolute bargain, gentle and moisturising and excellent!! (soap usually stings and drys out and generally kills!!!) I ordered your Anise soap too! My favourite scent in the whole wide world!!! I really wanted to buy a whole batch of these, but as I'm a hard up student... I could only afford the one :'o( I wanted to check with you that they aren't on offer because your discontinuing them are they!?!? If so, please let me know, and then I can hurry up and try and get some money together as I love, love, love it!! I'm sorry to go on, but your a lovely company, who seems to care about all the things I care about, and you make sexy products too! So I had to let you know this! Please email me on your opinion and advise about anise soap and what I wrote you. "Kind Regards, Rachael

"Fantastic service, only yesterday I was sat at my computer seaching for REAL natural produts. This morning I have a collection of lovely soaps and stuff. Just one thing, It would be nice to know what my bag of bits contains. Thank you." Kate Beaven.

"Hi Laurence Tks for quick response. I will look forward to receiving my citrus bath! I would never not order from you again (sorry, probably not grammatically correct there!) as your products are so wonderful and truly natural! I often pick up what I think may be comparable items but after checking their labels I quickly put them back! Please keep up the good work - I have been ordering from you for about 5 years now and have never been disappointed with the quality." Kind regards Jane

"HI Jim, I would just like to say thank you very much for your service on our order with you. We are extremely impressed with everything that you sent, we've already tested a few of them on ourselves and our 4yr old. We have used a number of suppliers at start-up and I have to say that of all the orders we've made, you were the only company that got everything 100% right first time. Thank you. It was good talking to you and thanks for your advice. We look forward to ordering many more of your products in the future." Best Regards Mark and Jo

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