Waste not want not

  • We minimise our use of packaging and packing.
  • What we can’t do without we try to make recyclable or recycled.
  • We print most of our stationary, catalogues and promotional materials on recycled paper. We use recycled paper in our fax machine and draft settings on our printers.
  • We do not produce excessive marketing materials, send out unnecessary mail shots or promotional material
  • As a small company we are able to effectively monitor our use of resources by promoting staff awareness. As we make things by hand and on a human scale it is easier to monitor our wastage.
  • Our production processes use energy on a household rather than industrial scale as we make our lip balms in small batches on a stove rather than in industrial plants.

Nothing lasts forever; making things biodegradable and recycling

  • Our range is totally biodegradable.
  • Our manufacture process does not use or create or use any toxic, radioactive or persistent synthetic substances.
  • As our range is totally biodegradable it will not harm the environment no matter what stage it enters the eco system. Due to their lack of preservatives our range will decompose organically in time.
  • We have a soak away for grey water from the workshop and a compost toilet for staff and visitor use.
  • We recycle 85% of our office waste. Shredding it to use as packing. We dispatch all our orders in 100% recycled, biodegradable packing.
  • We use minimal packing, using only what is absolutely necessary. We try to keep it simple. For our creams we use simple recyclable glass jars. The recycle symbol is clearly displayed on these.
  • We have sourced a transparent polythene wrap for our soaps which is made from potato starch.
  • This year after consultation with the Energy Savings Trust Anglia Advice centre we have looked at how we could minimise our emissions and then offset the remainder from our electricity, gas and transport with Climate Care, We have been ‘Climate Neutral’ in these respects since august 2005
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