Wonderful Winter Nail Care Tips

Wonderful Winter Nail Care Tips

By Soap Blogger

Chances are you’ll be lavishing much of your body with plenty of added care this winter, but at the same time it’s important not to overlook your nails. Winter is, unsurprisingly, the season of the year during which your nails take a bigger battering than the other three combined – precisely why so many men and women alike greet the spring with rather haggard-looking nails.

Why do nails hate winter so much? It’s simple really – the constant changing between hot and cold temperatures dries the living daylights out of them. They may feel largely dry, but your nails are in fact close to 20% water on average, so it stands to reason that when this moisture escapes, things take a turn for the worse.

So with this in mind, what natural remedies and preventative measures are at your disposal to watch over your nails this winter?

Keep Covered

Well, as is the case with your hands and skin in general, the best approach of all is to keep covered up – out of harm’s way. This in turn means that fingerless gloves are pretty much out of the question if you’re out to look after your nails, for obvious reasons. And what’s more, the same rule also extends to when and where you’re going about anything domestic or dirty – wear gloves to protect your nails.

Approved Creams

Some creams are good for your hands, others for your nails and then there are those that take care of both. It doesn’t matter whether you use a combination of one or more products, but it does matter that you make sure at least one of them is designed with the health of your nails in mind.

Beware Harsh Products

And on the same note, take a good look at what exactly is in the creams you choose before you go ahead and use them. If they are spiked with super-strong perfumes, contain chemicals you can’t even pronounce and aren’t clearly 100% natural, they may do more harm than good…the same also being true for the soap you choose.

Be Modest with Makeup

Don’t fall into the trap of assuming nail polish will protect your nails or that it’s a good idea to use it to cover any damage. The reason being that not only will the polish itself help your cause very little, but any nail polish remover you then have to use as a result could well wreak havoc with your nail health.

Gently Does It

Your nails will naturally be somewhat more fragile and prone to damage and breakage during the winter, so it’s important to modify your grooming regime accordingly. Using clippers to keep things nice and trim is a must – picking, excessive filing and anything else along similar lines is a big no-no.

Stay Hydrated

Last up, it’s the universal point that underscores everything to do with health and beauty across the board – you must remain well-hydrated. Without enough water on the inside, your body will find it impossible to keep your nails at their optimum levels of moisture and all the creams and lotions in the world won’t be able to compensate.



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