Why Winter Makes the Ideal Time to Take Home Organic Soaps

Why Winter Makes the Ideal Time to Take Home Organic Soaps

By Soap Blogger

Winter often tends to be the time of year during which many people’s everyday health and beauty regimes go pretty much right out of the window. After all, with freezing temperatures outside and the outright impossibility of staying clean, dry and warm, what’s the point in going OTT with things like skincare?

In reality, the point is a very big one. During the winter, our bodies take a quite colossal battering inside and out at the hands of the Great British elements. There’s nothing quite like greeting the spring with a wonderfully clean, clear and healthy complexion – much better that red, blotchy and generally unhealthy skin you then have to set about repairing. And as staying out of the cold for the whole season really isn’t an option, it’s a good idea to be a little more proactive than usual when it comes to everyday health and beauty regimes – the exact opposite of the usual winter norm.

Sensible Skin Habits

There are certain golden rules that must be both acknowledged and stuck to like glue at all times during the winter, which include:

  • Extreme Temperatures – Try to steer clear of temperature extremes in either direction, meaning icy blasts and red-hot baths are both to be avoided.
  • Fast Temperature Changes – Going from toasty warm to freezing cold or the other way around wreaks havoc with your skin, not to mention your body as a whole.
  • Don’t Forget to Hydrate – It’s common to overlook the importance of drinking plenty of water when it’s not exactly summery outside, but fail to drink enough and your skin will pay the price.
  • More Moisture – In the same vein, your skin needs even more help holding onto its moisture during the winter so be prepared to lather on the creams and lotions.
  • Lifestyle Choices – Winter makes the perfect excuse to be lazy, immobile and generally indulgent when it comes to unhealthy eating, drinking and living choices. On all accounts, your skin won’t take kindly to all this.

How Organic Soaps Can Help

So in terms of added benefit for your skin throughout the winter, what can organic soaps and cleansing products do to help?

Well, it’s simply a case of giving your skin what it needs without taking anything away – all while offering a wonderfully soothing experience that’s always welcome at this time of year. For example, a good organic soap will help with:

  • Gentle Cleansing – Pure, natural soaps are uniquely able to cleanse the skin in a wonderfully gentle manner, ensuring essential oils are left in place and the skin’s surface is cared for.
  • Moisture Preservation – Free from harmful ingredients and loaded with nature’s finest, organic soaps are naturally more adept in helping your skin hold onto its essential moisture.
  • Sublime Sanctuary – And then of course there’s the way in which organic soaps transport you into a world of blissful fragrances and sweet escapism, a million miles from the freezing cold world outside.

There really is no time of year that doesn’t represent a great time to make the switch – it just so happens that the benefits of organic soaps can usually be felt most prominently in the wintertime.


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