Why Winter Can Be So Harsh On Your Skin

Why Winter Can Be So Harsh On Your Skin

By Soap Blogger

Here at Simply Soaps, we’re often asked why exactly it is that the winter months tend to take such an enormous toll on the health of our skin? This always tends to be the time of year when millions of men and women alike find that their standard skincare routines simply aren’t getting the job done properly anymore. From dryness to itching to flaking to redness, skin never fails to take quite a battering over the winter months, but is such punishment realistically avoidable?   


Well, the simple and obvious fact of the matter is that none of us can control the seasons…much as we’d probably like to. Nevertheless, we can certainly play a more active and indeed proactive role in our own skincare routines, in order to better cope with the assaults of the cold weather.


And as it’s the case with most things, it’s understanding exactly how your skin becomes damaged in the first place that holds the key to minimising damage.


Cold Weather


Of course the biggest no-brainer when it comes to skin damage in the winter is the cold weather itself.  It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that when the skin is blasted with freezing cold air, rain, snow and so on, it doesn’t exactly do it any favours. As such, the importance of keeping wrapped up and indeed covered up cannot be overstated – hands, faces and other extremities in particular.


Temperature Changes


Interestingly, what has the tendency to do even more damage than the cold weather itself is the sudden and rapid change from one temperature extreme to another. If for example you’ve been out in the snow, the temptation to then dive into a red hot bath or sit in front of an open fire can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, these are exactly the kinds of temperature changes that can wreak havoc with your skin’s health.




Something that’s often overlooked in the wintertime is the way in which wrapping up and donning additional garments has the potential to lead to skin damage by way of rubbing and chafing. It’s no secret that some garments are softer and more comfortable than others – old gloves, hats, scarves, sweaters and so on that have become downright rough should probably be avoided.


Festive Excess


It’s also no secret that in order to have healthy skin, it’s important to have a healthy body in general. And as the Christmas period on the whole isn’t exactly synonymous with healthy living and restraint, it’s hardly surprising that overall health and indeed skin health as a result can take a battering. If you overdo it over Christmas, you have to be willing to pay the price.


The Wrong Products


Last but not least, the winter months tend to be exactly the time of year during which it is of the utmost importance to use only the kindest, gentlest and most comprehensively nourishing skincare products available. Suffice to say, this most certainly does not mean layering on dose after dose of chemical compounds and toxins, not to mention the skin-stripping synthetic ingredients found in the average bar of soap. If you aren’t treating your skin with the utmost care and the finest natural products, you can’t expect it to stand up to the attacks of the winter weather.


For more information on organic skincare, get in touch with the Simply Soaps team today.




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