Why We Make All of Our Soaps By Hand

Why We Make All of Our Soaps By Hand

By Soap Blogger

Here at Simply Soaps, we’re frequently asked about not only the approach we take to soap-making, but exactly why we choose to make all of our soaps by hand. And it’s a fair question too, as most would assume that the only matter of real importance would be that of what goes into the soaps, as opposed to how it gets in there. Since we went into business, we’ve insisted on using only the very finest 100% organic ingredients across the board, but such is our commitment to quality, we insist on taking a hands-on approach with everything we do.


Why is it important to Simply Soaps to hand-make every bar across the board? A few reasons, including the following:


1 – 100% Organic Results


First of all, in order for any product of any kind to be considered 100% organic, those making it need to be able to guarantee that not so much as a shred of non-organic matter has crept into the equation along the way. When you trust machinery to do any kind of job on your behalf, it’s impossible to guarantee this as you really do not know what may have found itself into the mix along the way. So at Simply Soaps, we make a strong point of abiding by the rules of organic and thus use a DIY approach to keep things 100% organic, 100% of the time.


2 – Unique Results


Another reason why we simply love taking the hands-on approach to soap making is the way in which it allows us to come up with 100% unique results every time. When soap bars are made by human hands, each and every result will be in some way different from the last and will never be identically repeated ever again. Of course, the importance of uniqueness in terms of skincare is somewhat on the redundant side, but when giving these bars as gifts or treating yourself, it’s always nice knowing that what you’re buying is one of a kind.


3 – Minimal Environmental Impact


By minimising the amount of machinery we use in the soap making process, we also cut down on the energy Simply Soaps as a whole needs on a daily basis. As such, our impact on the environment is kept to its lowest possible levels and we’re proud to be one of the greenest businesses of our kind in the UK. With a little hands-on effort, taking care of the planet doesn’t have to be a challenge.


4 – Jobs for Real People


Last but not least, we’ve always been firmly against the idea of giving jobs to machines if they could be carried out just as well or even better by a human being. Call us old-fashioned, but we’re more about the human side of business than simply cranking out the fastest results to make the most money – we’d much rather see our soaps being crafted with care by those who know and love what they do.


Some say hand making soaps is unnecessary – Simply Soaps believe there’s really no other way to go!


Take a look at the full Simply Soaps collection today, or give us a call for more information.


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