Five Tried and Tested Tips for Reducing the Sting of Shaving

Five Tried and Tested Tips for Reducing the Sting of Shaving

By Soap Blogger

As most men will gladly agree, there’s little more annoying, irritating and in many instances downright painful than having to shave on a regular basis. For so many men it’s a case of either living with red, dry and sore skin all over their faces or growing a beard – an ideal third option seemingly being unrealistic.


However, there are ways and means by which the pain and discomfort of shaving can at least be reduced to a more tolerable level. The action of scraping a razor blade across the face’s delicate skin is never going to be healthy as such, but at the same time it doesn’t necessarily have to be the agonising daily chore it is for so many men.


Here’s a look at just a few tried and tested tips for minimising the pain and discomfort associated with shaving.


1 – Abundant Moisture

First and foremost, there’s so much to be said for timing your shaves to coincide with a bath, shower or a trip to the sauna. When you splash a little water on your face and reach for the razor, the moisture really doesn’t have any time to penetrate the surface of either the hair or the skin. By contrast, when the hair has plenty of time to absorb the moisture it becomes softer, while the skin becomes far better lubricated and smoother. If nothing else, try soaking your face with a warm, moist flannel for a good few minutes before getting started.


2 – Go With the Grain

It’s often tempting to shave against the grain for the smoothest finish possible, though doing so can wreak havoc with the health of your skin. The closer the shave you perform, the bigger the impact on the skin and the higher the likelihood of irritation. What’s more, shaving against the grain also elevates the risk of any number of hairs in-growing or causing irritation when re-emerging from the skin.


3 – Quality Razors

To assume that all razors are the same is to leave yourself wide open to extreme skin damage. There’s a reason certain razors cost ten times more than others and while it’s not always necessary to go with the most expensive, cheap razors should be avoided at all costs.


4 – Organic Soaps

In terms of your daily skincare regimen, there’s much to be said for making the switch away from any soaps or cleansers that leave your skin dry and damaged. Anything that strips your skin of its natural protective oils isn’t going to help fend off the negative effects of the razor, so consider stepping up to organic soaps and other natural products for daily cleansing.


5 – Quality Moisturisers

Last up, be sure to follow each shave with a liberal dose of quality moisturiser which should be massaged into the skin gently and thoroughly. This gives your skin the best possible chance of rebuilding its defences and minimising soreness, though the quality of the moisturiser you use will play a huge role.


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