Simple Tips For Salvaging Super-Damaged Hair

Simple Tips For Salvaging Super-Damaged Hair

By Soap Blogger

There will always be those who appear to be blessed with the kind of hair 99% of the population would kill for. But while supremely gorgeous hair comes naturally to the lucky few, the vast majority have to work for it…or at least put up a pretty strong and constant fight, anyway.


It’s surprisingly easy for even once-healthy hair to fall into what appears to be a state of disrepair. After all, it’s no secret that the various toils of everyday life do little for our health both inside and out. Still, in the plus side it’s also true to say that no matter what kind of state your hair’s health is in, there are always avenues to explore when it comes to once again making it glow with radiance.


Here’s a quick look at five examples guaranteed to make a difference:


1 - Gentler Styling


First of all, if you’re in the habit of using a small arsenal of corrosive styling products and red-hot styling tools at least once every day…well, you can probably work out why your hair is screaming for mercy! Styling in pretty much all of its forms goes totally against nature as far as the health of your hair is concerned, which is why if you do insist on styling your hair, you should be gentle with it. Turn down the heat, choose gentle styling products and perhaps opt for a style that doesn’t take a great deal of forcing to accomplish.


2 - Fewer Washes


It’s a common mistake and one that’s often hard to get your head around at first, but the key to healthier hair could in fact be to wash it a little less often. Leave your hair for a couple of days at least before washing and you’ll see an immediate difference. Why? Well, quite simply because this will give it time to re-build and repair itself with all those lovely natural oils you’d be otherwise stripping it off. Your hair needs time to itself to stay healthy, so be sure to give it at least a bit!


3 - Quality Products


In terms of hair washing, conditioning and general maintenance, try making the switch to a range of 100% organic products for a week or two. Designed to offer a thorough cleansing effect while at the same time deeply nourishing from root to tip, this is again one small change that can build an immediate and lasting difference.


4 - General Health


Poor hair health can often be a sign of poor physical health in general. That’s not to say that everyone with troublesome hair is in any way sick, but at the same time, it’s a good idea to have a think about your overall health and perhaps speak to a professional if you’re worried.


5 - Hydration


Last but not least, there isn’t a single bit or piece of your body that can function properly without sufficient water – your hair being no exception to the rule. Any kind of lack of proper hydration for the body in general is 100% guaranteed to result in hair that appears dull, lifeless and potentially brittle to boot. So ask yourself – are you sure you’re drinking enough water every day?


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