Soap Allergy – A Common Sensitivity Often Ignored

Soap Allergy – A Common Sensitivity Often Ignored

By Soap Blogger

The average household is loaded with a thousand and one products that are well-known for triggering allergic reactions. From the cleaning products under the sink to various ingredients in the cupboard and right down to those oh-so darling family pets, the home really is a hotbed of allergens. However, one of the most common and in some cases life-affecting allergies of all is also an allergy more often than not overlooked entirely. Soap allergy affects an astonishing number of adults and kids alike across the UK, though will in most cases be passed off as something else entirely.

Synthetic Substances

Alarming as it may sound, the average bar of soap…quite a few cleansing products actually…contains more synthetic compounds and chemicals than it does natural ingredients. There are several extremely commonly used ingredients that are known to trigger allergic reactions in a pretty huge swathe of the population, though as mentioned usually get written off as being caused by something else.

As a general rule of thumb, the cheaper the soap and the lower its quality, the higher the likelihood of an allergic reaction. But even in the case of some upper-end soaps, use of the same mainstream ingredients can lead to all manner of unpleasant and prolonged symptoms which should not be overlooked.

Soap Allergy Symptoms

Isolating and identifying a soap allergy at home can be tricky, with the majority of ill effects being less-than serious and commonly caused by other triggers. However, if you’ve found yourself suffering from any of the following symptoms and cannot seem to pinpoint the cause, it could indeed be something to do with your choice of soaps and cleansing products:

  • Sneezing – Seemingly random attacks of sneezing that may tend to occur more often while showering, cleansing or handling bathroom products.
  • Skin Problems – From itching to dry skin and right through to swelling and inflammation, it’s perfectly possible for a person to have isolated patches of skin that are sensitive to soap, while the rest of their body remains unharmed.
  • Trouble Breathing – This of course should never be taken lightly under any circumstances as there’s a very fine line between a mild respiratory complaint and one of a genuinely serious nature. From coughing to wheezing to any feelings of tightness of the chest, it’s advisable to seek advice at the earliest possible juncture.

Of course, any of the above could be attributed to say a cat allergy, dust mites, clothing, fabric softener and so much more – it is however also important to realise it could well be the soap that you’re using.

Organic, All-Natural Products

The solution in most instances where soap allergy rears its head is simple – remove the soap from the equation entirely. By choosing 100% natural, purely organic soaps made with nothing synthetic or in any way hazardous, you stand the best possible chance of never having to face such symptoms again.

Yes, it may be slightly more expensive to go with wholly organic options for life, but it’s a small price to pay for a life free from the often hideous symptoms of a soap allergy.


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