Three Simple Skincare Mistakes with Significant Repercussions

Three Simple Skincare Mistakes with Significant Repercussions

By Soap Blogger

No matter how good your intentions may be, when it comes to daily skincare you are probably still making a fair few mistakes. That’s the rather abrupt and comprehensive message from the experts anyway, when the vast majority of instances make no bones about the fact that pretty much every last one of us could do with a little advice.  


Of course, now more than ever people are in general taking better care of their skin and their health in general than ever before. Nevertheless, with such a vast wealth of conflicting information battling for space online, it’s almost impossible not to fall foul of a few bad habits.


So with this in mind, what follows is a brief introduction to three very simple, very common and indeed very easily-correctable skincare mistakes which if left unaddressed can add up to a quite sizeable problem:


1 – Going OTT with the Electric Exfoliators


First of all, if you decided some time ago to treat yourself to a Clarisonic or any other comparable exfoliating device, congratulations – they can be pretty awesome tools. However, if you have fallen into the trap of assuming that there’s no such thing as overdoing it when it comes to these things, you got it all wrong. If you are lucky enough to have skin that’s relatively clear and free of any real problems, you still should be using these kinds of devices no more than about three times every week. What’s more, if you are prone to dry skin or breakouts of any kind, it’s actually recommended that you restrict these kinds of devices to one use per week.


In small doses, electronic exfoliators can be great for your skin, but take things too far and you risk causing inflammation and damage.


2 – Using Face Oil Before Other Products


Some of the face oils on the market today are in every respect absolutely fantastic and can breathe new life into your skin. And they also tend to be fully suitable for everyday use and are therefore often incorporated in a person’s daily skin-care regime. However, in the case of those who also happen to be using an anti-aging product on a regular basis, it’s of crucial importance that skin oils be applied after such products have been used. The reason being that once you have got a good dose of oil on your skin, the good stuff in the anti-aging products is going to have absolutely no chance whatsoever of penetrating the oil and getting into your skin.


3 – Skipping the Sunscreen


Last but not least, while it might not be the ideal time of year to be talking about the summer sun, it is never a bad time to bring up the subject of incorrect use of sunscreen.  In this instance, the mistake we’re talking about is that of assuming that once you have lathered on a load of sun cream, you can pretty much forget about it. In reality, pretty much every standard sunscreen on the market will protect you for no longer than about 2 hours before becoming largely redundant. So no matter where you are and what you are doing, ensure that any time you spend in the sun is time you spend fully protected.


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