Simply Soaps - A Hay Fever Season Saviour?

Simply Soaps - A Hay Fever Season Saviour?

By Soap Blogger

Summer may be great for a lot of things, but for those with seasonal allergies it’s a time of pure misery and suffering. It may sound overly dramatic to those not affected by such allergies, but the way in which hay fever can affect a person’s health and wellbeing really is pretty detrimental to say the least.


The severity of the world’s hay fever epidemic can be perfectly illustrated by one point – it’s the middle of the year 2015 and yet there’s still no such thing as a hay fever cure. Sure, there are plenty of treatments and OTC drugs you can take to help, but in terms of an outright cure, we’re not even close. As such, it’s very much a case of ‘every little helps’ when it comes to the things you can do to protect yourself from the worst symptoms of hay fever – some of which may not be as obvious as others.


Sniffing Out Synthetics


In terms of what Simply Soaps can do to help, there’s every chance that making the switch to 100% organic skincare products could make a real difference for some hay fever sufferers at least. How exactly? Well, in the instance of those who are prone to dry, red, itchy or generally irritated skin at this time of year, chances are the synthetic substances in standard bars of soap are doing little but make things worse. What’s more, breathing in the chemicals that are often used in the manufacturing process generally isn’t a good idea for those already suffering with the sniffles.


The chemicals used in conventional soap and skincare products may be considered harmless in the grand scheme of things, but this isn’t necessarily the case for those with severe allergies. The more potentially harmful compounds you bombard your body with, the harder the time it’s going to have doing what it does best – keeping you healthy.


Gently Does It


With 100% organic skincare products, the clue is in the name. At Simply Soaps, each and every product we make and sell features nothing other than 100% natural ingredients that are sourced, processed and packaged using 100% organic means. As such, the resulting products are uniquely kind and gentle to both the health of your skin and your body in general.


Now, there’s nothing to say that making such a switch is guaranteed to help with your allergies, but at the same time it certainly is guaranteed to do your skin’s health a favour or two. Going all out with the harsher options is a little like fighting fire with fire – we prefer a gentler, more natural approach.


Nothing to Lose


Exactly how beneficial the organic switch will be varies from case to case, but what can be said for certain is that there’s really nothing to lose by giving it a try. 100% organic skincare products may cost very slightly more than the store-bought alternative, but they’re also far longer-lasting and infinitely more luxurious to boot.


And you never know, it could just prove to be the hay fever saviour you’ve been searching for!


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