Simply Soaps Vs the Competition

Simply Soaps Vs the Competition

By Soap Blogger

Here at Simply Soaps, the question we’re asked more commonly than any other is also the most obvious:


What is it about what we do and the products we sell that makes us any different from any other leading soap brand?


A fair and sensible question to say the least - we’re not the kind of brand that just expects customers to instinctively flock our way without first giving them a few good reasons why they should. So if you’ve been considering making the switch to the organic way of life or at least giving our way of doing things a go, Simply Soaps would be delighted to share with you a few key facts and benefits to illustrate what we’re all about.


100% Organic Ingredients


First and foremost, what makes Simply Soaps a standout brand is the way in which we only ever use 100% organic ingredients, 100% of the time. Compare this to pretty much any other mainstream brand on the market today and you’ll soon realise that totally organic products like these are a rarity. And what’s more, even when you think you’re getting a wholly natural product, things aren’t always as they seem.


Take Lush Cosmetics for example – one of the UK’s most iconic cosmetic brands and a company committed to using fresh and natural ingredients. In the average bar of Lush Soap, you might find a whole bunch of natural goodies, but at the same time the majority of Lush Skincare Products are also loaded with synthetic substances and chemicals. This isn’t a theory, it’s a fact – any product that contains anything that isn’t 100% organic can never be called a 100% organic skincare product. Not that Lush markets its products as organic, but it’s hard not to be lured into the thinking it’s a wholly natural affair…when it isn’t.


The same also goes for a number of other high-end brands that play the ‘nature card’ quite well. From Body Shop Skincare Products to Soap and Glory Cleansing Bars to those wonderfully indulgent creams and lotions from Palmers – each and every one of these brands and products may utilise natural ingredients, but 100% natural and organic they most certainly are not.


Even when looking at some of our more direct rivals like The Natural Soap Company and the All-Natural Soap Co., what’s immediately notable in both instances is how the one thing missing from the title is ‘organic’. Delve into what’s on offer and it soon becomes clear that while they may use 100% natural products and a traditional hand-pouring technique, the products and their ingredients are not guaranteed organic. Non-organic ingredients may have been exposed to or treated with synthetic compounds and chemicals at any time during the production and manufacturing process, which in turn results in a final product that may contain traces of these chemicals.


Here at Simply Soaps, 100% organic ingredients and a 100% organic manufacturing process results in 100% organic products. Not 95%, not 99%...100% organic across the board.


Big Brand Bars


When it comes to the bigger soap and cleansing product brands on the market, it’s no secret that some are far better than others when it comes to the quality of what they put out. Across the board however, the same kinds of chemicals and skin-harming ingredients are used to both create the required cleansing effect and keep costs to a minimum.


From Sanex Liquid Soap to Nivea Moisturising Bars to classic Imperial Leather Soap and right through to, Carex, Palmolive, Camay, Lux and more, it’s worth just taking a minute or two to see what actually goes into the soap you’re using and having a think about what it might be doing to your skin. Of course, some will add a small amount of moisturising cream or a drop or two of natural oils to make it all sound like a natural affair, but chances are the overwhelming majority of ingredients in the soap you buy regularly will be doing the health of your skin little to no good at all…again, a fact – not a theory.


A Worthwhile Upgrade


Organic soaps made with the finest natural ingredients will always be slightly more costly than their big brand counterparts, but this is inevitable due to the intensive and demanding process required to make them. From sourcing the finest ingredients to finishing every bar of soap by hand, it’s a process that cannot be compared to the mass-production techniques used by the country’s better-known cleansing-bar brands.


It is however a small price to pay for what’s an undeniably impressive difference. From the very first use, skin feels softer, smoother, suppler and generally revitalised. Tightness is reduced, soreness combatted and signs of aging effectively fought off. It may be tough to believe that all of this is possible simply by upgrading to a higher standard of soap, but the moment you stop smothering your skin with chemicals…trust us when we say it’s a difference you’ll see and feel!


Give the Simply Soaps team a call today for more information, or to discuss placing an order.


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