Simple Secrets for Younger Looking Skin

Simple Secrets for Younger Looking Skin

By Soap Blogger

Younger looking skin from head to toe – less of a desire these days and more of an obsession shared between most people over the age of about 21. It’s not until you first notice those pesky signs of aging that you really get a feel for the subject, as the very moment you see something that’s appeared, you realise it’s going to be a nightmare to get rid of.

Such is the ferocity of the world’s on-going passion for perfection that people are willing to do almost anything to restore a youthful look to their skin. They have their skin burnt to oblivion with chemicals, they have pieces chopped of and they have artificial implants installed – all in the name of looking younger. Of course, to do this kind of thing head to toe is pretty much out of the question for reasons too obvious to warrant mentioning, which leaves us back at square one when it comes to the subject of maintaining healthy skin for life.

But here’s the thing – surgery might not be able to help long term or head to toe, but a few simple and all-natural secrets might.

A Mirror to the Soul

First and foremost, what’s crucial to remember is that while your skin may not be see-through, it’s still a pretty clear window to what’s going on inside. You cannot stop the aging process, but what you can most certainly do is speed it up – the most effective way of doing so being to ignore or overlook internal health problems. Hundreds of studies carried out over generations have proved time and time again that it is impossible to look healthy and youthful on the outside without first being in the prime of health on the inside. Which in turn means that you can spend all the time in the world on your outer appearance, but it will come to absolutely nothing if you aren’t also shining from within.

Of course it’s not as easy as just snapping your fingers and ‘being’ instantly healthy, but looking at what’s going on inside is the very best place to start.

Hydration is Everything

It’s incredible to think just how many people there are spending vast sums of money on the best moisturising products on the market, while at the same time not drinking nearly enough water. This really is a practice that’s about as useful as banging your head against a brick wall…proverbially speaking, of course. Why? It’s simple really – moisturisers work not by pumping moisture into your skin, but by making sure the moisture it already has doesn’t escape. So if you’re not already putting enough water in, you’re already fighting a losing battle.

Never go anywhere without a bottle of water and drink eight glasses per day minimum.

You Are What You Eat

Yes, it’s a cliché saying but it’s also every bit as true as it gets, as least as far as your skin is concerned. In order for your skin to remain healthy and youthful, you need to give it everything it needs each and every day. This means all essential vitamins, minerals, proteins, antioxidants and so on, while at the same time giving overdoses of fats and sugars a wide berth.

Be Picky with Products

There are terrifying numbers of products on the market right now that will do your skin the world of harm, but it’s not as if you have to buy them. We fly the flag for being picky and would suggest you do the same, meaning that if it’s not 100% natural and guaranteed free of all nasties, you shouldn’t be letting it anywhere near your skin.

Some of the worst offending ingredients of all are sufactants or sulfates, which you’ll find crammed into the vast majority of standard store-bought soaps and cleansing products. They do nothing other than strip you skin of its essential oils and welcome the signs of aging.

Quit Smoking and Drinking

If you were to ask any reputable medical party what’s the safest quantity of alcohol and tobacco to take in, they’d tell you in a heartbeat there’s no such thing. Both tobacco and alcohol are the kinds of substances that technically have no real beneficial effects on the body or the skin, so there’s really nothing to gain from them. Overdo smoking and your skin will pay the price, just as the dehydrating effects of alcohol will have you looking way older than you’d like way sooner than you’d believe.

Sleep Well, Sleep Often

Like every other organ from head to toe, your skin needs adequate rest in order to reach its full magnificence. It’s an indisputable fact that almost nobody these days gets the amount of sleep doctors recommend, but the number of people totally flaunting guidelines and sleeping highly sporadically is growing by the day. When you don’t sleep well, it shows in your skin and all the beauty aids in the world will not cover it up.

Good sleep means both enough sleep and regular sleep – not just catching up by sleeping all day on Sunday.


Once again, regular exercise is more important and powerful than every high-end beauty product in the world combined when it comes to chasing younger looking skin. It’s all about making sure your body as a whole has everything it needs inside and out, which includes regular movement.

Be Happy

Last but not least, it’s also been proven time and time again that as far as the youthfulness of facial skin goes, happier people tend to look much younger than their stressed, depressed or downright grumpy counterparts. Sure, it’s not like anyone can just snap their fingers and be happy in an instant, but working on positivity is of crucial importance in the fight against aging skin.

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