Seasonal Allergies Getting You Down? Your Soap Might Not Be Helping

Seasonal Allergies Getting You Down? Your Soap Might Not Be Helping

By Soap Blogger

Spring and summer may be the most fantastic times of the year for so many sun-seekers with a taste for the warm weather ahead – the same however cannot be said for seasonal allergy sufferers. From sneezes to sniffles to coughs to itching to red skin and soreness, allergies vary from the mildly inconvenient to the wholly life-affecting. And what’s more, despite all the best efforts in the world and indeed a good few remedies, it’s not always possible to gain any real relief from the onslaught.


However, what so many springtime allergies sufferers may not realise is that when it comes to so many allergy-related symptoms, the cosmetics and cleansing products you use at home have the potential to make a real difference. It’s not as if organic cleansers of any kind can (or should) be pushed as miracle allergy cures, but in terms of helping the fight against what’s hitting you hardest, there’s always room for improvement.


Irritation and Damage


For example, if you are prone at this time of year (or another for that matter) to dry, chapped and generally unhealthy skin anywhere on your body, it’s more than worth considering making the switch to a gentler cleansing regime. The reason being that while it may be the allergens that are doing your skin the most damage of all, there’s also every chance that the chemicals and harsh ingredients in the store-bought soaps you’re using could be making things even worse.


When skin is dry or damaged in any way, it’s important to use products that not only cleanse gently, but don’t leave behind any harmful residues that can go on causing your skin harm throughout the day.


Fabricated Fragrances


It’s also worth bearing in mind that the artificial fragrances created for use in most standard soaps and skincare products are often 100% synthetic and chemical-based in nature. Allergies to many of the primary ingredients in standard soaps are surprisingly common and can cause anything from skin dryness to hives and right through to sneezes and sniffles. So, if you’re facing symptoms of such a nature, it may be worth trialling a switch to organic products.


Skin’s Natural Defences


Last but not least, we already touched upon the fact that synthetic soaps do little other than strip away everything your skin needs to function as it should, but it’s worth bearing in mind that when you use organic skincare products, you actually help build a defensive barrier to protect your skin from harm. This means better resistance to the toils of everyday life in general and perhaps even the allergens that never fail to make your spring season more of a pain than a pleasure.


Making the switch to organic soaps represents one of the simplest and most affordable efforts anyone can make for the sake of their skin in general. What’s more, at this time of year when springtime allergies are working their dirty magic on so many of us, there’s really no better time to give thought to at least trying out the organic way of life.


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