Scented Candles – A Few Facts to Be Aware Of

Scented Candles – A Few Facts to Be Aware Of

By Soap Blogger

It’s pretty common these days for people to take for granted the safety of the products they buy – an assumption built on the back of ever-tightening regulations with regard to what can and cannot be sold. At the same time however, there’s much talk as to whether one of the UK’s most commonly used air fresheners – the humble scented candle – is in fact safe to use at all.


The truth of the matter however is that it all depends on the products you choose – here’s a quick overview of a few key questions and facts to be aware of:


Are Scented Candles Fragranced Naturally?

When purchased from us, the simple answer is yes. By contrast however, standard store-shelf scented candles are rarely scented with anything that comes close to being considered 100% natural, let alone organic. And while safe in its solid form, the candles’ harmful elements will inherently be thrown up into the air during use and breathed in by those around.


For natural fragrances, 100% organic is the only way to go.


Can Scented Candles Trigger Allergic Reactions?

The answer again comes down to the types of candles you choose, but if you go for the variety that’s loaded with chemicals and artificial compounds, there’s a relatively strong chance that it will indeed trigger an allergic or adverse reaction. The more synthetic and generally hazardous the ingredients used to make the candle, the higher the risk.


We use only 100% organic ingredients in all of our products, which have been extensively tested.


Are Candles Eco-Friendly?

Generally speaking, most candles are biodegradable as the majority of commonly-used waxes have been proven as such. That being said, the packaging in which the candles are supplied, the container into which the wax is poured and the emissions produced during use may be anything but beneficial for the environment.


We use only recycled packaging, recycled glass and a special fragranced wax formula that does not harm the environment.


Are All Candle Wicks the Same?

Very much not – there are dozens of different types of candle wicks being used to make products these days, which in the cases of the worst examples of all could even contain lead. And while it’s very rare to come across a candle with a wick with the potential to be harmful, it’s still in the best interests of the whole family to only ever buy 100% safe and certified candles from a trusted supplier.


Our wicks, just like our candles as a whole, are comprehensively safe to use.


Are Scented Candles a Modern Invention?

While it may only have been as of relatively recently that scented candles became a wholly mainstream household purchase, the idea is in fact anything but a new one. In fact, records indicate the use of scented candles from as far back as the year 200AD, when the first crude examples were fashioned using animal fats and cinnamon.


Luckily, things have come quite a long way in the interim!






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