Say No to Toxins – Choose Organic Cosmetics

Say No to Toxins – Choose Organic Cosmetics

By Soap Blogger

With the way in which the organic movement has taken the world by storm over recent years, it’s remarkable to think that the whole idea was once considered nothing more than a fad. Every day, more households are making organic goods and products a part of everyday family life, without giving so much as a second thought to heading back in the opposite direction.


But while organic foods are for the most part looked toward as the bar-setters above all others, organic soaps, beauty products and cosmetics are considerably more scrutinised by the public in general. In terms of getting across what it is that makes the biggest difference between the organic cosmetic market and that which makes up for around 95% of the current UK market, the fact that one contains potentially deadly toxins really should illustrate the point clearly enough.


A Worrying Payload

Across both men’s and women’s ranges alike, an incredible volume of standard cosmetics on the shelves right now continue to use ingredients that have been linked with cancer and other deadly diseases. From lead acetate to formaldehyde and so many more, these are the kinds of substances you would never in a million years think about rubbing on your bare skin, let alone allowing your family to do as such. Nevertheless, this is precisely what the majority of the population continues to do on a daily basis without ever even realising each product’s potential for harm.


What’s all the more worrying about the subject in general is that here in the UK and across in the United States alike, genuine legislation with regard to what can and cannot go into cosmetics is thin on the ground to say the least. In essence, there’s really very little that’s out of the equation which in turn gives the big cosmetic brands free-roam of the industry, resulting in the chemical-laden products we see today.


How on Earth can it be possible in this day and age to include toxins in the average bar of soap?


Looking After Your Own Interests

Of course, nobody’s ever going to dictate to you what you can and cannot buy, or indeed what you can and cannot rub all over your body. But as your skin is the largest and perhaps the most important organ of all, surely it’s worth making sure you know exactly what you’re using and what effects it may have on your health, right?


The way we see it, there’s genuinely no real argument for sticking with dated and dangerous skincare products and cosmetics now that there are so many alternatives to choose from. Organic soaps and the like may cost a little more than a bog-standard bargain bar, but what the extra money provides is both peace of mind and genuinely superior skincare. It’s a difference you’ll see and feel in no time at all, which will undoubtedly leave you wondering just what kind of horrors you’ve been inflicting on your skin over the years.



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