Probiotic Products for Skin Health – All Fad or Really Fab?

Probiotic Products for Skin Health – All Fad or Really Fab?

By Soap Blogger

If you haven’t already come across the on-going debate with regard to just how important probiotic products are when it comes to skin health, chances are you will soon enough.  It’s a debate that first kicked off quite some time ago when various probiotic companies started their marketing efforts with the intention of ensuring that each and every one of us stared down in those little yogurts every morning.  And indeed it worked, as even up and down the United Kingdom alone millions of the things areconsumed every single day.  

But where’s the truth when it comes to the theory that these kinds of products can be beneficial for the health of the skin, while at the same time helping tackle problem skin for those with a wide variety of complexion issues?


Well, the simple fact of the matter is that while probiotic products have yet to be studied in direct correlation with skin health, there’s plenty of hard evidence to suggest that they do indeed play a role in maintaining good skin health. It all comes down to the way in which on-going research has for some time been looking into exactly how and if digestive health has an impact on the skin. It’s no secret that the overall health of the body is often reflected in the skin – many skin conditions like psoriasis, acne and eczema are known to be linked to the health of the individual in question, along with their emotional state.


As for digestive health in particular, it might sound odd that the health or otherwise of your gut can in any way be directly linked to your skin health, but it’s worth remembering that the gut works in conjunction with the liver to get rid of the kinds of harmful toxins that would otherwise do a number on our health. For example, it’s known that a build-up of specific toxins in the body can lead to breakouts of acne. In the case of probiotic products, evidence suggests that in improving digestive health in general and promoting an efficient gut, they play a key role in assisting the body in limiting and eliminating toxins which may otherwise have an impact on the skin’s health.


Next up, it is also no secret that a strong immune system is of the utmost importance when it comes to the body’s ability to fight off all manner of nasties that would otherwise wreak havoc with our organs –the skin included. Last but not least, we also know conclusively that an efficient digestive system enables the body to better absorb essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals the likes of which are of paramount importance to the health of the body from head to toe, including the skin. As such, if it really is true that probiotics can work wonders for the health of the gut, it’s pretty safe to say that the role they play with regard to skin health is also pretty pivotal to say the least.


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