Premature Skin Ageing – Triggers to Take Note Of

Premature Skin Ageing – Triggers to Take Note Of

By Soap Blogger

It’s all well and good to be young at heart, but unless your skin is also glowing with youthful energy it’s difficult not to lament the aging process. Sadly, the global medical community is yet to stumble across anything close to the elixir of youth millions would gladly give their high teeth for, but this doesn’t mean there are ways and means to slow the aging process…in an aesthetic sense at least.

So rather than taking things to extremes and considering surgical intervention, why not first take heed of a few simple lifestyle choice tips that are guaranteed to help prevent premature aging?

Here’s an overview of just a few everyday triggers that could result in anyone looking old before their time:

Lack of Vitamin D

The pack remains largely split down the middle at to the true benefits of Vitamin D, though on-going scientific studies have yielded plentiful evidence that a lack of Vitamin D can and does speed up the aging process.

Insufficient Omega 3

In a similar vein, the benefits of Omega 3 are certainly not disputed and have to a large extent only just started to become clear. One of the most clear and direct benefits of all offered by Omega 3 is that of health and youthful skin, so when it comes to warding off the signs of aging, fish is a friend.


The dangers of smoking aren’t exactly a secret in this day and age, but what often goes overlooked is how harmful so-called ‘social’ smoking can be – aka part-time smoking. It’s been proven time and time again that every single cigarette a person smokes has a marked and wide-reaching effect on their health – including the health of their skin. So if you think the odd smoke here and there isn’t harming you, think again.


It’s also no secret that the water content in your skin is what determines its moisture levels and therefore its overall health and lustre. It’s a known fact that very few people drink nearly as much water as they should every day, which in many respects represents the very 101 basic for avoiding premature skin aging.

Harsh Soaps and Skin Products

To some extent it seems logical to choose soaps, cleansers and general skin products that are harsh and abrasive enough to remove all known germs, bacteria, dirt and grime. Sadly though, to use anything that isn’t 100% natural is to risk stripping the skin of the natural oils and protective elements it needs to remain healthy and youthful. Never forget – nature always knows best in these matters.


Moderation is the key to enjoying all of life’s little luxuries without having to rule anything out…or at least, very little. From fat to salt to sugar to alcohol and more, over-indulging in any of these can have a marked impact on the skin’s health and therefore represents a common trigger for early aging.


And finally, there may be no scientific cure for grumpiness, but millions would be looking so much younger if there was. Not only does frowning and generally looking down wreak havoc with your face’s delicate skin, but stress and upset in general take a massive toll on your body’s health. Approach life with a positive, optimistic attitude and your skin will glow as a result.

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