Outstanding Organic Gifts for Her

Outstanding Organic Gifts for Her

By Soap Blogger

Christmas may be just over, but to be perfectly honest we believe there’s no such thing as the wrong time of year to give the gift of organic skincare. Chances are the lady in your life already takes health and beauty pretty seriously, but may not yet have made the switch to organic living.  Suffice to say, it’s the kind of switch from which there’s often no going back as once you’ve experienced the difference for yourself…well, let’s just say you’ll understand why the Simply Soaps team is so passionate about what we do.


Of course we totally understand that knowing where to start can be tricky – the market for organic products is quite enormous to say the least.  Nevertheless, when it comes to lavish luxury and pure pampering, there are certain gift ideas we never fail to single out as genuinely impossible to resist.   


So whether it’s for a special occasion or simply to treat her to a dose of real luxury anytime, take it from us when we say you cannot go wrong with any of the following:


Lavender Soothing Handmade Soap


Always one of our best-selling soaps and one of our own favourites too, this gorgeous lavender bar really does encapsulate all what is fantastic about organic skincare. Along with doing a brilliant job of cleansing the skin, its wonderfully gentle natural ingredients care for and nourish the skin, while at the same time leaving behind a fragrance that’s borderline intoxicating. Trust as when we say her daily skincare regimen will have never felt so good!


Rosa Passionata Night Butter Moisturiser


There’s nothing quite like waking up in the morning with beautifully soft and supple skin, radiantly glowing and ready for the day ahead. And while it’s not as if there’s a shortage of night creams on the market, what makes ours different is the way in which it contains nothing but ultra-premium, 100% organic ingredients. It’s almost impossible to describe the difference this makes – suffice to say it becomes abundantly clear after a single use.


'Zzzz" Herbal Lavender & Orange Blossom Bath Bags


A fantastic product to help her get the best night’s sleep she’s ever had, it’s no secret that the aroma of orange blossom and lavender can help bring about a dreamy silent night. We’re incredibly proud of our herbal bath bags and are frequently told by our customers they’ve worked wonders for them. And of course, anything’s better than resorting to pills and other such sleep medication, right?


Queen of Sheba Relaxing Bath Salts


Another incredibly luxurious product for ladies who love to soak in the tub is our Queen of Sheba Relaxing Bath Salts. Loaded with a world of natural ingredients including the richness of goat’s milk, these incredible salts soak away the stresses of everyday life and have you feeling like royalty.


Handmade Minty Zing Morning Soap


Last but not least, help her start every morning with a spring in her step with this wonderfully invigorating morning soap bar. Loaded with natural mint and countless other 100% organic ingredients, it’s a refreshing and revitalising start to the day, packing a powerful dose of nourishment and protection at the same time.





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