Organic Skincare – The Soil Association’s Simple Suggestion

Organic Skincare – The Soil Association’s Simple Suggestion

By Soap Blogger

It’s often said that “You are what you eat…” which in the cases of most of us would be a rather worrying premise if it was 100% literal. Nevertheless, the simple fact of the matter is that what we eat and the way we live our lives in general will influence the way we look and feel on a day to day basis quite enormously.  It’s no secret that external health and beauty will always mirror our body’s health in general, which in turn means that it’s unrealistic to expect to look your best if you aren’t giving your body exactly what it needs.    


Perhaps the single most accurate and insightful measure of overall health in general is that of our skin. Generally speaking, it is absolutely impossible to boast beautiful and radiant skin if things are falling to pieces on the inside, just as in so many cases dull and lifeless skin represents a sure-fire sign of something wrong on the inside. This September has been the official 'Organic September - "Small Changes, Big Difference” month of the Soil Association – a campaign created to communicate and highlight just how big of a difference the switch to organic products can make to personal health, beauty and wellbeing in general.


So in terms of how and why making the move to organic products in terms of skincare and beauty makes sense, what have the Soil Association been touting over the past four weeks?


1 – Safety

Well, first and foremost there’s the obvious and important way in which 100% organic products are 100% free from chemicals, toxins and the kinds of synthetic compounds which are anything but safe in terms of human health. The simple fact of the matter is that you wouldn’t knowingly douse your skin in a lavish dose of chemicals straight from the bottle – doing so in the form of a pretty-looking soap bar doesn’t really make things any better.


2 – Sensitive Skincare

While there’s nothing to say that a person cannot be in some way sensitive to any given natural ingredients, statistically speaking human beings are much less likely to be allergic to 100% organic products than they are to have adverse reactions to chemicals and synthetic ingredients. For those with more sensitive skin types therefore, the switch to organic products and 100% organic ingredients has the very real potential to reduce sensitivity considerably.


3 – Signs of Aging

Can organic skincare products really be considered something of an elixir of youth? Not exactly, but in preventing the usual dryness and tightness of skin that can follow the use of standard cleansing and beauty products, organic skincare products can help to increase suppleness and reduce several signs of aging.  You might not be able to turn back the clock, but you can at least give it the fight of its life, right?


4 – Reduce Reddening

Organic skincare products have in tests also been found to be considerably less likely to trigger any reddening of the skin and to generally assist in improving evenness of skin tone. By reducing or eliminating the inclusion of synthetic chemicals, the risk of toxins being ingested in any way is also reduced considerably.


5 – Lavish Luxury

Last but not least, the fact that luxurious 100% organic skincare products are nothing less than an absolute joy to use comes as a welcome added bonus.  Standard cleansing and beauty regimes are transformed into pursuits of pure pleasure which in each instance do nothing other than benefit the skin’s health and youthful luster.


It’s a package of plus points that really must be experienced to be believed – suffice to say it’s difficult to go back!




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