Organic Skincare For Men – Five Reasons to Treat the Man in Your Life

Organic Skincare For Men – Five Reasons to Treat the Man in Your Life

By Soap Blogger

Here at Simply Soaps, we’re just as committed to creating wonderful organic skincare products for men as we are for women. True, most of the interest that comes the way of our product ranges does indeed come from the fairer sex, but we’re always delighted to hear that when the modern man first experiences the difference 100% organic products can make to their own skin…well, let’s just say there’s rarely any going back!


Of course, it’s not until you actually get a person to experience the difference for themselves that they begin to understand what all the fuss is about – that being the trickiest part of the process. So, with this in mind, what follows is a brief rundown of our top-five reasons for treating the man in your life to organic skincare products:


1 - He’ll Look Great


First of all, with the exception of the kinds of blokes that spend most of the day staring into mirrors, chances it’s you and you alone that spends the most time looking at the man in your life. And if this is the case, surely it makes sense to buy him the kinds of products guaranteed to have him looking his best, right? It’s not just him that will notice the difference in no time at all – the results will be more than visible to you, too!


2 – He’ll Smell Great


Next up, we’ve gone to pretty extreme lengths to come up with a range of male skincare products that are quite simply an absolute delight on the nose. There’s simply no comparing the fragrances of store-bought synthetic soap bars to those that have been made with nothing other than nature’s finest ingredients. So once again, it’s a case of doing the both of you a favour by showing him the joys of switching to the organic way of life!


3 – It’s Hardly Expensive


Sure, you might be sceptical as to whether or not he’ll be in any way interested or make the switch long-term, but given the fact that we’re only talking simple bars of organic soap here, it’s hardly an expensive experiment to try out! And if it turns out that he does see, feel, smell and indeed love the difference, there’s a whole range just waiting to be discovered!


4 – Any Excuse…


On a slightly more self-beneficial note, ordering up a couple of organic products for the man in your life is of course the perfect opportunity/excuse to throw in a few extras for yourself. So, even if it’s just a case of looking for a good excuse to treat yourself, this is one you really can’t go wrong with!


5 - Chances Are, He Never Will


Last but not least, the likelihood of the average bloke actively going out and seeking 100% organic skincare products is…well, let’s just say it’s not very likely at all! As such, you might say it’s up to you to show him the way as without a gentle nudge in the right direction, chances are he’ll never know the joys of nature’s finest products!







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