Can Organic Skincare Products Really Help Combat Eczema?

Can Organic Skincare Products Really Help Combat Eczema?

By Soap Blogger

Here at Simply Soaps, one of the questions we are asked most frequently of all is that of whether organic skincare products really can help combat eczema.  The reason being that for so many people up and down the United Kingdom, eczema represents the kind of problem that seems almost impossible to comprehensively address. It goes away, it comes back, it disappears and then returns later with a vengeance. You try all the topical preparations you can lay your hands on, but the best you seem to be able to hope for is a somewhat uninspiring temporary result.   


So given such intensive efforts, can organic skincare products really make any difference whatsoever?


In a word – yes.


Of course, it would be irresponsible to claim that organic soap or an organic facewash for example could single-handedly clear up a case of problematic eczema on a permanent basis. Nevertheless, making the switch to organic skincare products can certainly make a difference when combined with other approaches to treatment and prevention.




The main reason for this is the way in which organic skincare products are 100% free of chemicals, toxins and the kinds of synthetic products that do nothing other than damage your skin.  It is simply common sense to assume that if your skin is already damaged and problematic, you are really only going to make things worse by using products that are packed with harmful ingredients.  Standard soaps and skincare products have the potential to dry, damage, irritate and inflame sensitive skin at the best of times. So by removing them from your beauty regime, you immediately do your skin a favour.





It is also worth bearing in mind that a great many organic skincare products contain 100% natural ingredients that are also known to be powerful anti-inflammatories. One perfect example would be tea tree oil, which when incorporated into a 100% organic skincare product really can make a big difference in the case of problematic skin. It is simply a case of taking harmful synthetic ingredients and swapping them for the finest natural ingredients money can buy.


Pure Moisture


Another of the key differences that come when switching to 100% organic skincare products is the way in which they both leave behind a rich dose of moisture and nurture the skin’s protective layer. By contrast, standard soaps and skincare products have a tendency to strip the skin of the natural oils it requires to both retain moisture and provide protection. Understandably, this is exactly the kind of thing that can exacerbate and anger eczema to a quite significant extent.


A Simple Switch


Making the switch to organic skincare products represents one of the simplest and most affordable approaches to effectively combating eczema, along with a variety of other common skin conditions. It’s not to say that it will necessarily yield miraculous results on its own, but it will certainly make the kind of difference you will see and feel.



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