Organic Skin Care and Beauty in Numbers

Organic Skin Care and Beauty in Numbers

By Soap Blogger

If you know Simply Soaps, you’ll probably know by now that we like nothing more than sharing all manner of interesting (and sometimes helpful!) facts and statistics. The way we see it, it’s really not until you see hard data right there in front of you that you gain a real understanding of the topic in question. And as the topic we are interested in is organic skincare, we thought we’d once again share with you a handful of genuinely eye-opening facts and figures.


We’re not out to alarm anyone, simply spread the word as to why switching to the organic side of life can and will make such an enormous difference!


Believe it or not, the average woman will over the course of her lifetime ingest somewhere in the region of 4lbs (close to 2kg) of lipstick. That’s not a misprint – that’s 4lb of lipstick that doesn’t just go on the lips, but is unwittingly consumed, along with all the toxins and chemicals that go into its makeup.


There are approximately 10,000 or so ingredients that go into the personal hygiene and beauty products that are commercially available across the United Kingdom and in some cases abroad. Believe it or not, research has shown that less than 15% of these ingredients have been extensively tested to such a degree where they can be declared 100% safe to use.


Remaining on that same note, more than 1,100 ingredients have been banned for use by the European Union over recent years. Which seems to suggest that as research continues, thousands more ingredients that are currently in use will also be banned sooner or later.


Interestingly, there are less than a dozen such ingredients banned for use in cosmetics over in the US, meaning you might want to be careful if looking to order anything from overseas.


It is no secret that the chemicals and toxins contained in a wide variety of skincare beauty products have been linked with dangerous diseases and side effects. What you might not know however is that somewhere in the region of 20% of all the beauty and hygiene products are made using at least one compound or chemical that is known to increase cancer risk.


Research suggests that the number of consumers who actually read the labels (as in the full list of ingredients) of their chosen skincare products prior to purchasing them is so small that it barely qualifies as a percentage.  Think about it – when did you last read the ingredients list in full and ensure that you understood every ingredient going into the product in question?


Up to 75% of liquid antibacterial soaps and 30% of antibacterial soap bars are known to contain triclosan, which has been linked with an elevated risk of developing severe allergies.


100% organic skincare products contain not a single trace of anything synthetic or artificial and are generally considered exponentially safer and kinder to the body than mainstream alternatives.


For more information on organic skincare products or to discuss the benefits of switching to organic, get in touch with the Simply Soaps team today.





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