Organic Products Are Better For You, Me and the World in General…FACT!

Organic Products Are Better For You, Me and the World in General…FACT!

By Soap Blogger

Have you already made the switch to 100% organic products? Or are you a member of the group for whom just as long as it is technically healthy in a nutritional sense, you’ll happily buy it and wolf it down regardless of where it came from?


If you fall on the latter side of the fence, you’re actually part of perhaps the largest consumer community currently residing in the United Kingdom. Now more than ever, people up and down the country are becoming fiercely protective of their own best interests and those of their families by making sensible and proactive dietary and lifestyle choices in general. And for most of those within this bracket, the difference between healthy, natural products and those that are 100% organic is too thin and too blurred to be of any real consequence.   


Suffice to say therefore, these don’t tend to be the kinds of individuals who buy into the organic movement on a comprehensive basis and nor do they show a great deal of affinity for organic skincare products. Nevertheless, by looking beyond simple labels and banners, those wishing to do so will find out exactly what it is that makes the 100% organic alternative often vastly different from products which may genuinely be 100% natural.


“[Organic is] a way of farming that protects and encourages wildlife while looking after the health of the soil. Instead of relying on chemicals, organic farmers work with nature to feed the soil and control pests. They use crop rotation and clover to build fertility in the soil,” explains Catherine Fookes, Campaign manager at the Organic Trade Board.


She adds: “Organic farming is designed and defined in law to minimise the use of pesticides, herbicides and antibiotics in food production.”


Last year alone, sales of organic products increased close to 5% in the United Kingdom where the market has become Europe’s fourth largest. But in terms of actual benefits to buyers, what exactly is the appeal of going organic?


  1. Last year, a large-scale study into the benefits of organic foods found that organic ingredients tend to pack considerably higher antioxidant contents than standard ingredients – therefore could be much more beneficial for health and beauty alike.
  2. To choose organic products made from 100% organic ingredients is to entirely eliminate harmful chemical pesticides from the equation. Various studies have shown how detrimental to human health pesticides can be, so to switch to organic represents the healthiest possible move.
  3. Studies have also shown that cadmium content in organic foods is approximately half that found in standard farmed ingredients – cadmium being a rather unpleasant toxin.
  4. In terms of the actual production methods, organic farming is known to be considerably less harmful to the environment and generates significantly fewer greenhouse gases than conventional farming. To buy 100% organic products exclusively therefore is to make a beneficial difference to your own carbon footprint.
  5. While there may be exceptions to the rule, animals that are raised on organic farms more often than not enjoy a vastly more agreeable standard of living in general than those mass produced on factory farms.


Of course, some would argue that to switch to organic products and ingredients 100% of the time treads that very fine line between difficult and impossible.  The reason being that not only are organic products not quite as easy to come by as standard products, but financial restrictions may also make it difficult for some to justify the added expense.


Nevertheless, to at least partially introduce organic products doesn’t necessarily have to mean additional complications or unreasonable expense – quality organic foods and skincare products are no longer the overpriced and somewhat exclusive wares they once might have been. And what’s more, it’s often true to say that just as soon as you’ve experienced the organic difference first hand, there’s really no going back.






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