Organic Product Sales Skyrocket in North America – The Craze is Here to Stay

Organic Product Sales Skyrocket in North America – The Craze is Here to Stay

By Soap Blogger

When the idea of 100% organic food production first emerged several decades ago, it was considered something of an unnecessary niche that did little other than drive up food prices for those who didn’t really need to think about their spending decisions. It was countless generations ago that the introduction of synthetic compounds, chemicals and unnatural growing processes took over as standard, which given the way in which they could yield apparently bigger, better and cheaper results were never questioned. As such, when the world began investigating what appeared to be a significant step backwards in the efficiency of food and product production, it was hardly surprising that not everyone was convinced. 

Even now, many decades down the line, there are still vast swathes of the consumer population who are not won over by the idea of organic products and will probably take some time to be in any way convinced. However, one thing that has become certain over recent years is the way in which any talk or notion of the organic approach to modern life being a fad or temporary craze can indeed be thrown out once and for all. Again, it might be some time before the entire consumer public in general makes the switch to organic living, but official U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) statistics show that since 2008, spending on organic products in North America alone has exploded by over 70%.


That was as of the publishing of the Organic Survey of 2014 anyway, with further strides expected to have been made this year as well. The growth in organic sales led an all-time record of $5.5 billion in total organic spending for the year, directly confirming that as far as the public in general is concerned, organic very much has a place in the future of retail across the board. In fact, such has been the growth in demand for the highest quality organic products on the markets that there is now a rather urgent call for more growers and manufacturers to make the switch to organic production.


What also proved extremely interesting in the results of the survey was the way in which the data showed how buying from local producers and growers also appears to be something the consumer public across America is taking a greater interest in. On the whole, it was discovered that close to half of all organic products and ingredients were purchased no more than 100 miles from the farms they originated from. Once again, experts insist that this clearly illustrates the importance of the expansion of current organic farming and production practices in order to satisfy what is obviously very fast-growing demand.


Here in the United Kingdom, organic is likewise becoming the standard way of life as more consumers than ever before have realised that not only is it a movement that’s here to stay, but by switching to organic products it is more than possible to enjoy a healthier way of life in general. Consumers these days are no longer blind to the potential risks and abundant imperfections of factory farming, along with the way in which mass production efforts have the potential to harm local business interests.






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