Oily Skin and Skin Oils – Not Always a Bad Idea

Oily Skin and Skin Oils – Not Always a Bad Idea

By Soap Blogger

Oily skin – two words that drive millions of people up and down the country of all ages to distraction, day in and day out. Some will have spent their whole lives trying to battle an oily complexion, while others seem to develop the problem somewhat overnight – in any and all cases though, it’s frustrating to say the least. 


But here’s the thing – contrary to popular belief there is in fact more than one type of oily skin to speak of and thus not every case of oily skin will require the same approach to combat it. You might get the impression that the oily skin you yourself have a problem with is a clear-cut case of too much moisture, but it might surprise you to learn that an oily complexion can also be indicative of skin that is well and truly dehydrated.


And when skin is dehydrated, of course the main thing it needs is moisture – but how can you tell if your own oily complexion really is being caused by dehydration?


Ask yourself – do any of the following apply to you:


  1. Are you prone to breakouts and do you find that your skin has a tight, dry feeling despite being oily on the surface?
  2. Does your skin seem to absorb moisturisers and other such products very rapidly?
  3. Is your skin somewhat dull in appearance and do you find it tricky to keep makeup in place for more than a few hours?
  4. Do you have any other physical health symptoms that could be indicative of dehydration – tiredness or headaches for example?


If you’re able to tick any of the above boxes, then there’s a pretty good chance your oily complexion has everything to do with dehydration and nothing to do with excessive moisture, hard as it may be to believe.


So in terms of what to do, the simple answer is of course that you need more moisture…and perhaps plenty of it. In such instances, it is generally recommended that light and delicate organic moisturisers be used on a daily basis, steering clear of anything synthetic. As for oils, there’s generally absolutely nothing wrong with investing in a good quality skin oil and using it sparingly – just a couple of drops before going to bed for example can help bring about a fantastic moisturising effect by morning. It might seem counterproductive to use oil on skin which already appears to be producing too much oil, but the idea is one whereby if you treat the condition that is causing the skin to produce too much oil in the first place, you’ll eradicate the problem at the source.


Of course the above only applies in instances when and where the root cause of the complexion issues is in fact dehydration, therefore doesn’t apply in other instances.  As such, it you have been suffering from an oily complexion for some time now and haven’t been able to improve things regardless of your use of products and any lifestyle changes made, it’s a good idea to have a word with a dermatologist just to be sure.


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