Natural Soap Companies – Misleading Marketing?

Natural Soap Companies – Misleading Marketing?

By Soap Blogger

It’s really no secret these days that more people than ever before are taking an active interest in their health and wellbeing. From the food we put in our bodies to the very soap we use for everyday cleansing, there’s never been such an epic array of accessible products and nor has the market’s very best ever been so affordable.


At the same time however, there will always be those whose only real intention is that of capitalising on demand without really doing anyone else any favours. The skincare and cosmetics industry is no exception to the rule either as while ever there’s growing demand for wonderfully kind and gentle products, manufacturers will go to extreme lengths to make you think that’s what you’re buying…even if the truth is to the contrary.


Natural Vs Organic


This is perhaps best illustrated in the huge influx of natural soap companies that have flooded the UK market over recent years. It’s rare to step into a single beauty store or to look for products online without being bombarded with a thousand and one ads and slogans for natural soap companies and cosmetic makers. Now, it’s extremely rare to find a natural soap company of any kind fabricating the truth when it comes to what they tell you goes into their products. Nevertheless, what few seem to realise…at least from a consumer’s perspective…is how there’s such a big and important difference between natural and organic.


For example, when a soap maker tells you its products are made with natural ingredients, this really doesn’t mean anything. After all, they’d only need to put a drop or two of anything natural into the largest vat of the stuff to technically qualify to make such a promise. This is of course why reading the label carefully is so important.


But even when a product is labelled as 100% natural and is indeed that, this doesn’t mean that no chemicals, synthetic compounds, pesticides and treatment agents haven’t been used along the way. Natural simply means such agents are not used as ingredients – it doesn’t for one minute rule them out during the growing, harvesting or manufacturing processes.


The Organic Difference


What makes a 100% organic skincare product so different is that way in which not a single non-organic compound or ingredient is used at any point in the product’s production process. From the growing of the ingredients to the way they’re harvested, prepared, packaged and so on, the whole process from start to finish is 100% organic and free of anything synthetic. As such, nothing artificial or potentially harmful is allowed to creep into the mix along the way, which cannot be said for those featuring natural though non-organic ingredients.


Research has shown time and time again that 100% organic products can be uniquely kind and gentle to the skin, aiding both inner and outer health while helping to build strong natural defences. Of course there’s more to staying fit than organic soap alone, but in terms of giving your skin exactly what it needs, it’s a good place to start.







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