Why Moisturising Bars Aren’t Always As They Appear

Why Moisturising Bars Aren’t Always As They Appear

By Soap Blogger

Now more than ever, consumers are beginning to realise that what goes into the average bar of soap may not in fact be entirely beneficial for the skin’s health, beauty and overall wellbeing. It’s no secret that lower-end soap bars packed with chemicals and the likes can leave skin feeling dry, tight and generally lacking lustre. This is precisely why the rise of the moisturising bar has been pretty meteoric to say the least, as the public continues to take a much greater interest in the effects mainstream skincare products have on our skin.


But while taking an interest is a good thing as is buying wisely, it’s often the case that the bars and beauty products being picked up aren’t exactly as they appear to be.


A Drop in the Well


Summed up in the simplest possible terms, the problem lies not in the fact that these moisturising bars contain a good dose of moisturiser, but rather what else they contain. Even in the instance where a brand makes the promise of 25% moisturising cream or even more, there are two problems with this that might not necessarily bode well with your skin’s health.


First and foremost, what about the other 75% of what goes in there? It’s one thing to add a good dose of moisturiser to help keep the skin moist and supple, but not if the rest of the bar’s ingredients are prone to doing the exact opposite. It just doesn’t make sense to use a product which effectively gives with one hand and takes away with the other, though this is often the case when using soap bars that are 25% beneficial and 75% to the contrary.


As for the other problem, it’s important to consider what might and might not go into the added moisturising cream itself. Is the added moisturiser a fantastically safe, 100% organic cream, or is it likewise a largely chemical-based creation that’s about as natural as polyester? It might seem a little like the subject is being blown out of proportion, but it’s nonetheless crucial to understand the fact that just because a bar or beauty product claims to contain moisturisers, this doesn’t in any way guarantee it’s doing your skin any favours.


The Alternative


As for the alternative, the market is these days loaded with a thousand and one 100% organic skincare products and beauty bars that are worlds apart from those on High Street shelves. The only way to get fully away from the chemicals and toxins that go into most beauty products is to choose alternatives that feature nothing inorganic and are processed using 100% organic means.


In doing so, you ensure that your skin gets a large dose of what it needs and nothing it doesn’t. Pure, natural cleansing at its finest that aids moisture retention and builds the skin’s natural defences for outstanding radiance, every day. And while high-end organic soaps may be slightly costlier than the store-bought alternatives, the immediate and long-lasting improvement to the way skin looks and feels make it a worthwhile upgrade to say the least.

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