McDonald’s First Organic Burger – Pivotal Change or Mass-Marketing Stunt?

McDonald’s First Organic Burger – Pivotal Change or Mass-Marketing Stunt?

By Soap Blogger

So here’s a question – would it in any way change your thoughts on or approach to fast-food if the products on offer were to be made from 100% organic ingredients? Would this in any way influence your eating habits, or would it be the general nutritional value of the menu items that ultimately took precedence?  And perhaps more importantly, would a change to organic ingredients make any significant impact on the consumer public in general, or would it be interpreted more as something of a gimmick and a reason to increase prices as opposed to a genuine step in a more appealing direction?   


Well, it’s looking like we’re about to find out the answer…at least on a relatively small scale…as McDonald’s has officially begun selling a 100% organic burger. As of the 1st of October, McDonald’s Germany has made brand history by becoming the first international arm of the company to sell a burger made 100% organic ingredients, which according to McDonald’s executives will help the company on its way to becoming a "modern, progressive burger company". It’s no secret that they have for some time been investing heavily in giving their somewhat dated and clichéd image an overhaul – this however could prove to be one of the biggest turning points to date.


According to the official announcements by McDonald’s, the new 100% organic burger will be called the ‘McB’ and will be made exclusively from ingredients originating from reputable organic farms in Austria and Germany. "We have made a great effort to secure sufficient quantities of meat which satisfies the organic requirements and our own quality claims,” said chief executive of McDonald's Germany Holger Beeck.


However, the company’s long-standing critics…of which there are quite a few to say the least…have already hit back with various arguments as to why they believe the move is nothing less than a publicity stunt. Which admittedly even if it was, it’s proving to be a pretty effective one, but there are nonetheless quite a few onlookers who aren’t convinced.


First of all, the fact that the new organic burger has only been available on a limited time basis from October 1 to November 18 hasn’t sat well with everyone. What’s more, McDonald’s hasn’t yet offered any information or in dictation as to whether the McB will be made available in any other countries outside Germany, once again generating criticism it is simply a one-off experiment that won’t go anywhere. And of course, there’s also other reasonably understandable criticism that even if McDonald’s was to go 100% organic across the board, 100% organic ingredients do not necessarily guarantee menu items that are any healthier. As such, some critics have argued that rather than simply trying to win over an increasingly large and influential consumer base for whom organic products are important, the company should instead be focusing on increasing the nutritional value of its primary menu items.


Of course the happy medium of the two would be ideal, but chances are it might be some time before things move anything close to such a reality. But we’re still curious – would the arrival of 100% organic menu items to McDonald’s in the UK influence your decisions with regard to eating there or otherwise?


Still, the folks at McDonald’s have at least curried some favour with the British public as of late by announcing plans to source potatoes exclusively from British farmers. As it stands, around 13% of the potatoes used by McDonald’s originate from other European countries.





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