Lip Service – TLC For Parched Winter Lips

Lip Service – TLC For Parched Winter Lips

By Soap Blogger

For all its beauty and cosiness, there’s really no disputing the fact that the winter can wreak havoc with the health of our skin. Specifically, those who are prone to dry and chapped lips at the best of times may find themselves fighting what appears to be losing battle throughout the winter months.


Is there a silver bullet solution to parched winter lips? Not exactly, but there are in fact various ways and means by which you can defend yourself against even the harshest of winter punishments. Combine as many of the following simple steps as possible and chances are you will notice a significant difference in the health of your lips:   


1 – Healthy Oils


First of all, they always say that if you want to look after your body on the outside, you need to start with the inside. When it comes to keeping your lips as soft, smooth and supple as possible, healthy oils rich in antioxidants can work wonders. From sunflower oil to sesame oil to avocado oil and olive oil, step up your intake of healthy oils and your lips will thank you.


2 – Gentle Cleansing



Try to avoid the temptation to get carried away when it comes to your standard cleansing regime throughout the winter. Make the switch to organic soaps and cleansers, being as gentle as possible when it comes to your daily hygiene practices. In addition, steer clear of water that is too hot or too cold – both of which can really do a number on your lips.


3 – Hydration


Speaking of water, it’s absolutely imperative that you keep a close eye on your hydration throughout the winter. Just because it’s cold and you aren’t sweating a great deal doesn’t mean that it isn’t critically important that you ensure you are drinking a minimum of two litres of water a day, every day. If you don’t put enough moisture into your body, how can you expect your lips to remain moist?


4 – Balms and Moisturisers


To a sensible extent, there is absolutely no such things as getting carried away when it comes to your use of lip balms and moisturising products throughout the winter. Just as long as they are kind and gentle in nature, then quite literally every time of the day is a good time to lather on another layer. You might also want to think about getting into the habit of putting a good dollop on before going to sleep.


5 – Humidity



You may also want to consider looking into your environment in general as there is every chance that the air around your home is rather on the dry side.  There are plenty of appliances and products on the market that can help ensure humidity levels around the home remain balanced, which could make an enormous difference to your skin health in general.


6 – Exfoliate


Last but not least, one of the most effective ways of looking after the health of your lips is to get into the habit of gently exfoliating a couple of times each week. It’s simply a case of using a very soft toothbrush in conjunction with an organic cleansing product to help remove the dry, flaky and loose skin that can quickly build up and cause problems.



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