Inject a Little Green Into Your Beauty Regime

Inject a Little Green Into Your Beauty Regime

By Soap Blogger

Contrary to popular belief, going ‘green’ doesn’t necessarily have to mean compromising on effectiveness. So many people still assume that to switch to organic skincare products means to sacrifice performance in favour of gentler, more environmentally friendly alternatives. Which may once have been the case, but is a totally different story today.


The simple fact of the matter is that to inject a little green into your beauty regime can be extremely rewarding in so many ways. Not only this, but it really isn’t a difficult change to make.


Here’s a quick rundown of a few tips from the Simply Soaps team:


1 – Keep It Simple


First of all, don’t fall into the trap of assuming that price makes any real difference when it comes to the effectiveness of skincare products. In addition, trust us when we tell you that you do not need 1,000 different potions and lotions to do your skin a favour. Extensive research has shown that so many of the most expensive and successful skincare products on the market are in fact no better at all than high-quality organic moisturisers. Or to put it another way, try to focus on quality, rather than quantity and cost alone.


2 – Natural Vs Organic


Never forget that there is a very big and important difference between natural and organic. Just because a product is natural doesn’t necessarily mean you have been treated and processed using all manner of terrifying chemicals. Not only this, but don’t be fooled by products that claim to ‘contain’ natural organic ingredients. If you read the label, you may find that said organic ingredients constitute about 1% of the total product’s make up – the rest being quite to the contrary.


3 – Fragrance-Free


Unless you plan to buy 100% organic products exclusively, you might want to be extremely careful when it comes to fragrances. The reason being that artificial fragrances and the ingredients used to create them often tend to be some of the most harmful, dangerous and allergy-triggering synthetic compounds of all. Unless the fragrances are 100% natural, go for fragrance-free every time.


4 – From the Ground Up


One great way of gaining a real insight into just how beneficial switching to organic skincare products can be is to start at ground level. Or in other words, before going the whole hog and swapping out every single product in your collection, why not first invest in a few high quality organic soap bars and see for yourself just how big of a difference it can make? Suffice to say, it will no doubt prove to be the first of many organic swaps you make in your life!


5 – Inside, Outside


Last but not least, perhaps the single biggest and most important ‘green’ change anyone can make for the sake of their beauty is to think about making a few internal changes as well. The simple fact of the matter is that you cannot expect to look your best on the outside unless you do what’s right for your body on the inside. So along with switching to organic skincare products, you might want to think about making a few changes with regard to what you put into your body and the way you look at your health in general.


In all instances, a few little changes here and there can add up to an enormous difference!



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