Four Things You Didn't Know About Regular Soap

Four Things You Didn't Know About Regular Soap

By Soap Blogger

When it comes to the everyday items most people take for granted, it’s probably safe to say that soap ranks right up there at the very top of the list. It’s the kind of thing millions buy instinctively without so much as a second thought, generally opting for the bars that look the prettiest on the shelf and are up for grabs for the lowest prices. Well, maybe not the lowest prices on the whole, but still pretty cheap.


But here’s the thing – taking the soap you buy for granted could be leading the health of your skin down a rather dark and unfortunate path. After all, you’re buying the soap to play a key role in your daily health and beauty regime, but what if the soap itself is actually doing very little good for you in either sense?


Now, it would of course be unfair to label all conventional soaps across the board as harmful – some are exponentially better than others. However, if you’re looking at the mainstream bars that sell by the million every day, chances are you might not know the following facts and insights:


1 - It's Loaded With Chemicals


First of all, there may be plenty of nice pictures on the packaging of plants, flowers and all manner of natural wonders, but the chances of these making it into your soap bar in any meaningful dose is close to zero. In truth, the biggest proportion of so many standard soap bars is comprised of little more than synthetic compounds and a fair few chemicals. Suffice to say, these aren’t the kinds of things you’d be too happy to rub all over your face in their purest form, so it’s worth questioning whether you should be doing so with your soap.


2 - Most Claims Are Misleading


Something else to be aware of is how misleading the main selling points of standard soap bars can be – not to mention most other everyday beauty products. For example, that new soap or shampoo that claims to feature oil of jojoba or olive extract may appear to be a wonderfully natural product, but chances are if you read the label you’ll see there’s almost none of the stuff in it. And when they say it’s made with natural ingredients, it might be – even 1% natural ingredients qualifies for such a description.


3 - It Could Be Doing More Harm Than Good


The problem with all of the above is that while standard soaps may do a good job in ridding your skin of dirt, it also does nothing at all for the skin’s health in general. Along with removing dirt, there’s a strong chance that the harsh ingredients in the bar are also robbing your skin of its important nutrients and the protective layer that takes care of it day in and day out. So while the dirt’s gone, so too is the good stuff your skin needs to stay healthy and youthful.


4 - It's Not as Cheap as You Think!


Last but not least, when you consider how much longer-lasting and more enjoyable a 100% organic soap bar is to use, the price difference between bog-standard store-bought bars and the good stuff really is negligible to say the least.


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