Five Spring/Summer Skincare Myths Busted Wide Open

Five Spring/Summer Skincare Myths Busted Wide Open

By Soap Blogger


Most people believe they have a pretty good idea as to how to look after their skin in the summertime. Unfortunately, most people also get things rather wrong in a couple of areas at least.


Here at Simply Soaps, we’re all about championing good health and doing what’s best for your skin throughout all four seasons. So to help ensure you make the right decisions going into the spring/summer season, here’s a quick look at five common skincare myths and the respective truths behind them: 


1 – Skin Protection Is Only Needed During the Hottest Hours Of The Day


While it’s true to say that the sun is at its strongest between about 11am and 4p, this doesn’t mean it is still not doing damage outside these hours…and perhaps a LOT of it. You can still find yourself getting burned and doing damage to your skin throughout the day as a whole, which is why it’s a good idea to extend your skin protection regime to the whole day from start to finish.


2 – If There’s UV Protection in Makeup, That’s Good Enough


The problem with the UV protection provided by most makeup is that it doesn’t offer broad-spectrum protection. Which in turn means that while it might offer some protection, it certainly won’t do the same job as high-quality sunscreen. Protective makeup in conjunction with sunscreen is the best way of protecting yourself, but should never be used on its own as a source of skin protection during the spring and summer months.


3 – I Need Sun Exposure to Top Up My Vitamin D


Contrary to popular belief, it’s really not necessary to spend a long time in the sun to soak up the optimum amount of Vitamin D the body requires. In fact, just 10 to 15 minutes a handful of times each week is more than sufficient. Not only this, but there are plenty of supplements that can be used to top up on Vitamin D that have no negative side-effects at all. Vitamin D really doesn’t have to be an excuse for exposing your skin to harmful UV rays for extended periods of time.


4 - If It’s Cloudy, I Don’t Need Any Added Protection



It might feel as if the clouds are helping protect your skin, but while they may shield some of the heat from the sun, the harmful rays you’re looking to avoid can penetrate straight through clouds. Which is why it’s important not to fall into the trap of assuming that a cooler day means the sun isn’t as strong – chances are it’s doing more damage to your skin than you realise. Regardless of how cloudy or clear it is, be proactive and use plenty of high-quality sunscreen.


5 – All Sunscreen is Essentially the Same


Last but not least, there is usually a reason why some sunscreen is practically given away and other products are more expensive. It all comes down to how long the protection they offer lasts – some will protect you to their full SPF rating for hours, others last most of the day and then there are some that fade almost as fast as you apply them. It isn’t necessary to overpay for completely overpriced products, but you also cannot always expect the cheapest unbranded examples on the market to do the job properly.





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