Five Reasons to Consider Quitting Standard Soap

Five Reasons to Consider Quitting Standard Soap

By Soap Blogger

While there’s no disputing the fact that standard soap can do a fantastic job cleaning your skin, it’s what else your daily bar does that should have you worried. Given the fact that most of us wash (or at least should wash) our hands and faces several times each day, it’s surprising that the vast majority of people do not put a great deal of thought whatsoever into the type of soap they buy. Instead, they pick up whatever is cheapest, smells nicest or has the most convincing wrapper.  


Here at Simply Soaps, we firmly believe that it is impossible to fully understand the benefits of making the switch to organic skincare without actually trying it out personally. Simply swapping out your regular soap for a 100% organic alternative for just a week or two will undoubtedly bring about the kind of difference you simply will not believe.


So for those who may still be on the fence and have not yet decided whether or not to give organic a go, here are five reasons to give real consideration to quitting standard soap for life:


1 – It Dries Your Skin


First of all, standard soap may be great when it comes to cleansing, but along with removing all the dirt and grime from your skin, it can also strip the skin of its protective natural oils. These oils play a more important role in keeping your skin soft, supple and moist than all the creams and preparations in the world combined. Which is precisely why standard soap is known to be one of the most common triggers of dry skin. By contrast, organic soap works in harmony with the body and helps protect the skin’s natural defences.


2 – It Weakens the Skin


Depending on the pH level of the bar of soap you choose, there is every chance that it could be doing the kind of damage that weakens the skin and leaves it prone to inflammation and irritation. Once again, a high pH can be highly detrimental for the skin’s protective layer – something that is looked after and strengthened by high-quality organic products.


3 – Signs of Aging


If you would prefer not to give the signs of aging a helping hand in the wrong direction, walking away from standard soap could be a good place to start. Standard soaps are known to have a dehydrating effect on the skin. The result of which can be skin that is far more prone to the development of fine lines and wrinkles, which are of course better when avoided at all costs! 


4 – Breakouts


It’s natural to assume that washing your skin frantically and regularly using any kind of soap is likely to help at least in some part for the prevention of breakouts. In reality however, any type of soap that has a drying effect on the skin can lead to the skin’s glands producing an excessive amount of oil, which in turn can lead to more frequent and prolonged breakouts. If it isn’t a product that hydrates the skin, it isn’t a product you should be using.


5 – Germs and Bacteria



Last but not least, by stripping away the protective layer the skin depends on, harmful chemical soaps can also leave the skin and the body in general wide open to attacks from germs and bacteria. Studies have shown that low quality chemical soap has the potential to compromise the body’s immunity to certain viruses – something you don’t have to worry about if making the switch to 100% organic products!


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