Five Common Leg-Shaving Mistakes

Five Common Leg-Shaving Mistakes

By Soap Blogger

Here’s an eye-opener to wake up to this morning – all these years you’ve been shaving your legs, you’ve been doing it wrong! Well, perhaps not totally wrong from start to finish, but research has shown that the overwhelming majority of women make one or two extremely common mistakes day in and day our when removing unwanted hair.


So whether you tend to find leg-shaving a hideously painful nightmare or so far seem to have gotten away with things pretty lightly, check out the following five habits all women should break for the sake of their skin’s health:


1 – Shaving Immediately Upon Entering the Shower


It’s the most annoying and often time-consuming part of the shower, so chances are you’d prefer to get it out of the way first, right? Understandable, but experts insist than in order to prepare both your skin and your hair for the attack of the razor, you should hang around in there for at least 10-15 minutes before getting started. However, any longer than this and it’ll actually make things even worse, so don’t hang around too long!


2 – Shaving First Thing in the Morning


Most don’t realise it, but as your legs actually swell a little during the night, the hair on your legs will naturally retreat inward very slightly at the same time. It takes a while for things to get back to normal in the morning, which is precisely why shaving your legs in the morning will never, ever leave you with a result that’s as polished or long-lasting as had you shaved them later in the day.


3 – Using Poor Quality Products


It’s common for a lot of women to assume that all shaving products are much of a muchness. After all, it’s only a case of adding lubrication, so why not just use whatever happens to be lying around in the shower, right? Sadly, this is precisely the kind of approach that’s guaranteed to result in poor skin health and painful irritation. The reason being that lubrication is really only one of the essential elements you need – the others being skin protection and moisture. This is why you simply cannot compare a quality organic shaving preparation to a store bought bar of soap or bog standard foam – not if you want good results, anyway.


4 – Cheap One-Blade Razors


One word…ouch! Sure, the bigger-brand razors on the market cost about ten-times more, but the way they care for your skin and make a huge difference to the quality of the shave itself really does justify every single penny.


5 – Shaving Upwards First


Last but not least, experts suggest that regardless of the length of your leg hair or how much of a hurry you may be in, it’s crucial to shave in a downward direction before making a second pass upwards. And if you have sensitive skin or any skin problems at all, upward shaving should ideally be skipped altogether.


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