A Word or Two on Facial Spots

A Word or Two on Facial Spots

By Soap Blogger

Exactly how it is that spots know exactly when and where to appear in order to cause maximum stress we may never know. However, what we do know is that every last one of us will from time to time notice an unwelcome addition to our faces when looking into the mirror – an addition most instinctively seek to destroy straight away.

From job interviews to first dates and so on and so forth, there are times and places when and where spots just are not acceptable. For some however the problem is considerably more severe and on-going, so what exactly can the average individual do to deal with spots?

With so much conflicting information being thrown out from all corners, which tips are actually worth following?

Kill the Chemicals

Well, right off the bat it’s advisable to steer clear of any advice that talks about the use of chemicals, toxins and pretty much anything that’s downright dangerous. Unless a doctor has specifically advised you to do so, the use of chemical treatments should be avoided as while you might successfully kill this particular spot, you’ll damage your skin and prompt the appearance of more of them. Instead, favour the best all-natural products you can get hold of and favour your skin’s health over everything else.

The Popping Debate

Some say popping spots is the worst thing you can do, others swear by it – so where’s the truth?

Well, when you come across a spot that’s still 100% red and doesn’t have a white or yellow head yet, you really should not succumb to the temptation to squeeze it – doing so could leave you with a scar for life. As for fully-formed spots, some advise against popping them as the moment your squeeze out all the unpleasant stuff gathering on the top, it gets spread all over the surrounding area and encourages further spot growth. This is true, but if you were to squeeze the spot and then immediately cleanse the area thoroughly with a gentle and wholly-approved anti-bacterial wash or wipe, you eliminate the risk of spreading the problem far and wide.


One of the most common methods of all for drying out a spot overnight or even in a few hours is to apply a dash of toothpaste…a notable entry to the list for all the wrong reasons. There’s a reason toothpaste is not supposed to be used on your skin, which is the overriding fact that it’s not good for your skin in any way, shape or form. So while it might dry your spot out, it’ll also do way more harm than good.

The Big Cover-Up

Is it wrong to cover spots up with makeup? Not at all, but what you have to be careful of is using any oil-based makeup that might make things worse, or really anything else that’s not been designed with the health of your skin in mind. And what’s more, remember that if you use makeup, it has to be cleaned regularly – fail to do so and you’ll effectively paint layer after layer of grease and dirt on your face.

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